Thursday, December 29, 2011

Being homeless in Hungary is now a crime

The Hungarian government has passed a law making homelessness a crime (here is a link to a short article written about the topic). What that means in essence is that not having money – is a crime. It is exactly how it sounds – not having money, is a crime. Because according to this article we can read, that people who are homeless will have to pay a fine or be arrested if they do not listen to the first warning and.. disappear? Or maybe die somewhere alone – just die where they don’t disturb those who have money? And however is that insane – it is a fact, a law that have been agreed to by the government.

And it’s not that being without money has became a crime just now – no. Having no money has been a crime in many ways already. Thus, it has been so in a less direct way, where there was a directive choice, decision or action that has been connected directly to committing the crime. Like for instance robbery to feed your family that don’t have food – that is a crime, yet it is something ethical in the context of the family starving. To leave your family starving is not ethical, so the person decides to risk his freedom to feed his family. Is it smart? – no. But is it a crime, in the sense of a deliberate attack against something or someone that is alive? – no. It is simply an act of desperation that is a result of the money system we’re living in currently. There are a few more situations where not having money is a crime. Other example would be someone that works illegally, just because he didn’t found a job that he could’ve done legally – for the same reason to support himself, or/and his family. It’s the same story – but this time nobody is even harmed financially. Now it’s just the government is not having a cut on the money – is that harmful? Well the question should be asked first, can the government support this person to find a legal job? Because if not, then the government wants the man to lose his house or starve in spite of being able to work, just because the work isn’t taxed? Is that ethical to harm yourself, or your family just for the sake of paying taxes? Obviously not. And what if the man has ended up on the street because of not working illegally or being charged because of working illegally, then (if he lives in Hungary) – he is then again committing a crime, because he’s homeless? It’s getting more and more bizzare, and in the same time clearer how money is the measure of your rights, and that life (human or otherwise) is worth as much as the money you are able to generate.

This just shows how the insanity in the decisions of governments is getting clearer now, as the ways of the monetary system are not really working the way they ‘should’. More and more cuts in expenses on the people that already have less happens all around the world. It’s being called ‘the crisis’ – but what it really happening, is that this system doesn’t work. The saddest thing in this all, is that those who are poor already, will have to suffer a long time, till it hits those who are currently safe, because at the time the middleclass will start to suffer and will be determined to do something about it, those that are currently the poor of the world – will be totally fucked.

Yet, there is a solution, and it’s not a magical one. It’s actually nothing that is hard, or complicated in anyway whatsoever, even though you might not heard of it yet. it’s an Equal Money System – and even though the tendency is when we hear a new name, we to attach it to some organization, to certain people, to something separate from us – I would ask you to consider that the Equal Money System is not something like that. It’s not some kind of order that some people want to impose on others. It’s simply the most practical way, in which we can establish the world, that is best for all life (including animals, human and plant).

Read about it and check out the material about the Equal Money System. And keep in mind that it’s not a ‘set’ system, because Equal Money is about real democracy – therefore all will decide what and how it eventually be like. Yet, what it will be all about, is that it will be based on the principle of ‘what is best for all life’ – which will be the main principle and the law of the system (which is something to which most would agree). And based on that we are able to look at what would be actually best for all life, and how we would be able to organize such a system, while being aware of the physical movement, limitation and practical actions required for functioning of such a system. Research the Equal Money System, and investigate with us, how to create and bring into being a functional economic structure, that would work for all. It is extensive – yes, but who else is going to do it then us, normal folks that constitute the society.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

No more ‘pledge of allegiance to the flag’, pledge allegiance to LIFE instead -- Equal Money System FAQ

No more ‘pledge of allegiance to the flag’ in American classrooms, and no more any ‘pledge of allegiance to any symbol, object or idea that is nationalistic in nature. None of that will happen in an Equal Money System, and we instead will pledge allegiance to life, as we will recognize the true value within ourselves and all other living beings that are here, and that this value of life is the only real and relevant value that shouldn’t ever be compromised. And we actually all know that already in one way or another – we just call it differently, but the principle of life and treating all living beings with care and respect is the most basic and obvious thing to do.

Now why will there be no allegiance to the flag in the Equal Money System? Well, because nations, and the whole idea of national identity and the perception of a nation as a group is in it’s basis flawed. And because of this idea of nations, of being different we’ve allowed ourselves to create bullshit like wars, and discrimination based on the fact that someone lives in a different area then we do (or they were born in a different area). The whole concept of nationalism, and of nationalistic values is actually separation, that has been brought in this world to the extreme of fighting wars between nations. It’s hard to express even the level of stupidity and absolute disregard for life, as a total lack of empathy that participation in wars require. But wars are based on an ideological separation which’s root is the nationalistic identity. Same with racism, and discrimination – it’s all based on the same point.

The programming of nationalistic identity within schools, is done through constantly repeating same shit over and over again till children actually start to believe it – as it’s present all around them, and thus they accept it as a normal part of life. I don’t know about you – but I personally was quite sick of the nationalistic programming in school in terms of constantly dealing with it, especially in national language lessons. That was pretty annoying to me back then, because I was taught to write and interpret stuff according to some kind of nationalistic view point – while that whole idea of national identity was pure bullshit for me. Because for me it meant nothing more then being born somewhere. I mean, I’m not different then anyone else. So what’s the point? Now I see it clearly as bullshit, that is there to create an idea of identity within a group. And I’m really not cool with children being exposed to that bullshit constantly in schools.

I mean if something supports things like discrimination, and wars – shouldn’t it be investigated that there MAYBE is something wrong with that? Just maybe? It’s pure bullshit, that for ages has been used to move people to fight between themselves and to push people to go to war more willingly (religion was used in the same way, but that’s another topic).
So, all the pledges of allegiance to nationality, and all sorts of symbols and ideas within an Equal Money System will be gone from school. There will be no more brainwashing of children so that they can be good slaves that are able to kill each other. I mean what kind of brainwashing is that? Seriously – to kill another just because there’s apparently a war going on, and it’s in the interest of the country? I’m sure that it’s not in the interest of the soldiers from both of the sides, and their families as well. So WTF is going on here? I mean all the participants and their families do not want to go to war, die, got disabled, hurt and do that to others – but they do that? I mean think for a moment – it’s freaking insane?! And it’s based on brainwashing people through programming a national identity. So that hey end up believing that they are somehow separate from people from other nations. Pretty scary and fucked up shit that must stop, and will stop. Because a decently educated population of people, that would actually get a proper education and support, wouldn’t allow such an atrocity going on. And in an Equal Money System people will be educated in schools and not brainwashed – so wars will end with ending the programming of national identity. Instead we will learn to recognize life in every other living being as ourselves, and learn how to properly take care of and support ourselves and other living things.

Monday, December 12, 2011

No more tiger hunts -- Equal Money System FAQ

This topic is quite a simple one, because tiger hunts happen because of 3 reasons basically. One of them is money, the second is ego and the third is fear. Now since I’m writing about the topic I’ll expand on all free of them from a perspective of the Equal Money System to describe it based on this example.

So let’s look at the first reason why tiger hunts happen, and the reason number one – is money. Money in terms of selling tiger parts that are perceived as precious goods (like tiger skin) and also tiger parts that are believed to have specific qualities as talismans, have ritualistic value or because they are used as part of the traditional medicine. In wikipedia we can read about how many uses and how many parts of a tiger have been used  in this way within the Chinese culture – the list is quite impressive. Which shows us that the money that is being made on tiger hunts is actually based on ideas and ego basically, because practically most of those reasons for killing tigers (on which money can be made on black markets) are simply delusional. So in fact, there is no practicality behind killing these animals in regards of money. The money that is being paid for those who are willing to hunt tigers is generally paid for delusional reasons, that are mostly just beliefs – and nothing more.

Now except money – there are also two other reasons why tigers have been hunted so much. Which is fear and ego. Fear – because people feared animals that could overpower them, and simply attack them, also because they feared they might attack their farm animals etc. Though It’s hard to talk about that today as the population of tigers is so small that those things basically do not happen, and these animals rather stay as far as possible from the human.

The last reason why tigers have been hunted so extensively, and people still do so – is to inflate ego. People have been killing such animals like tigers throughout history to be respected by others in many cultures. Because tigers have been feared, because they are predators that are able to overpower a human being. So as far as I understood from what I’ve read about it, this killing tigers to ‘prove something’ (which is just ego) has been the main reason for killing the tigers. Which is like totally fucked up – to kill other beings (risking your life while doing it) just to prove yourself worthy to yourself and others. That actually indicates extreme inferiority complexes, and the ‘small dick’ syndrome – trying to mentally increase the size of one’s penis through abusing weaker beings.

So to sum up this whole phenomena in the context of the Equal Money System – tiger hunts will not exist. Why? Because there is no real reasons to do that. As within looking at the three factors of why they are happening right now it is mainly just ego. Both the money thing, is caused by people’s beliefs, and ideas – which is ego. The killing for trophies, and to prove something is caused by psychological issues (mostly because of trying to suppress inferiority) – where people get to a point where they abuse weaker beings, just to feed their sick ideas of themselves to prove some delusional bullshit. That will not be tolerated in the Equal Money System. We will have something very cool coming up soon, which will be a way to measure someone’s psychological state through a diagnostic machine, which will show such points that can cause people to go to such extreme forms of abuse just to try to ‘fill’ something that they believe they lack. So people before falling into such psychotic states will actually be diagnosed, and will be provided with the best possible support – so that they can actually resolve the issues that cause psychological imbalances within them, so they can support themselves to live a fulfilled life – and they won’t feel a need to abuse other living beings just to prove something to their messed up perception of themselves and the world.

In terms of beliefs – meaning the ritualistic and medicine usage of tiger parts – there’s quite a revolution coming with an Equal Money System. Because finally, for the first time, we will all get equally educated. And we will be allowed to research whatever we will like. We will be all scientists exploring our reality. So a lot of beliefs will simply stop. Religions will also become less and less, and will cease to exist. I mean ask yourself the question now – would the priests do their jobs, if they don’t get paid? In Equal Money all will have access to what they need. Therefore people will do things because they enjoy them, and because that is best for all. In the Equal Money System nobody will need charity, or ‘fixing’, or a belief to hold to just to carry on through your life. You will be able to live, express and explore. Freely, through giving equal freedom to all living things. So beLIEfs, will be realized for what they are – as lies where we accept something as a fact without actually investigating it. So the abuse of animals from the point of beliefs will cease to happen as well.

In terms of fear, and how tigers have been killed by people out of fear. There are to faces of this here. One is the irrational fear, where people simply get paranoid because of the fear, and abuse the animals. The other is to protect self, and do not allow a tiger to attack and abuse us. This will obviously be looked at. Currently this doesn’t really happen to much, because the number of tigers is really small. But I am not in a stance to say much about the ways tigers act towards areas populated by people etc. So this topic will simply be assessed by people, with the feedback and support of those who actually study these animals and their behaviors, within taking into consideration all the known facts to establish a solution that will be best for all and will prevent any form of abuse to any living being. Taking in consideration both, the tiger and the human.

Friday, December 2, 2011

No more law of attraction in an Equal Money System -- Equal Money System FAQ

Law of attraction has been an idea that lately has been heavily promoted with the release of ‘The Secret’. And many people actually heard about the law of attraction from  the movie. But it has ‘been around’ for quite a while. It has been a motive that has came up in many esoteric teachings, and from channels around the world. And the channel that promotes the law of attraction and calls it specifically by this name is Abraham Hicks. I say that because the idea that ‘like attracts like’ has been repeated over and over again, and is basically a premise of the whole point of ‘think positive -- and you’ll get whatever you wish for’, which is the basis of the law of attraction.

Now the law of attraction obviously takes that kind of thinking a bit further, like if you listen to Abraham Hicks channelings you will hear that you should basically only think about what you want to get and aquire, and that you should also have pictures with things you wish in display in your room etc. The basic premise of the law of attraction is: whatever you think, manifests your reality. And that thoughts are vibrations that work like magnets but in an opposite ways to magnets --you attract that what you’re thinking. So basically whatever you’ll think about -- you will experience, get etc. Therefore the main premise in that is to try and control your thoughts, and try to only think and experience the ‘positive stuff’.

Now when we’re talking about the law of attraction within the context of the money system – we are exactly at the spot we should be looking at. Because the law of attraction totally ignores this. As the gurus that present it portray reality as infinitely abundant -- meaning that whatever you get ‘through’ the law of attraction -- is there for you, and that you’re not getting that in expense of another. It is spoken often by Abraham Hicks for instance, that this kind of ‘mentality’ is induced by religions to cause guilt in people and to limit them to become infinitely abundant.

All this is simply bollocks, because we live in a world of consequence, and we know that very well. That is why we tend to blame others and feel guilty. Because we understand that at some point, yet we tend to get lost in our minds, which is causing us to get trapped in such feelings like guilt. It indeed is enslaving (guilt) but it doesn’t mean that we don’t live in a space-time reality, where we affect one another. This is obvious common sense. This is the basic of mathematics and physics, and any other science -- that is what is the basic laws in our reality -- it is causality.

So in realizing this, let’s jump back to the existence of the law of attraction in the context of an economic system as it exists currently. Our system is based on competition, which is profit and loss. It is the very mechanism creating winners and loosers. Now within that we can clearly see that some have much, much, much more then what they require, and some have to little, and some have nothing -- and die cause of disease and hunger. We can clearly see that within this the law of attraction is actually a philosophy sold to those able to strive for their profit, so that they can feel ‘free form guilt’. It is actually a religion for the rich, through which they can try and convince themselves that what they have had no consequence on others – so that they can freely compete and be greedy, and justify it with infinite ‘abundance of the universe’.

So if we look at that -- we can see that the law of attraction, is actually a product of capitalism -- a product of profit and loss. It’s a religion for the rich, through which they can suppress the guilt they might experience, and through which they can become as competitive and merciless in the system. Because they won’t consider who they are actually harming indirectly through what they are doing.

So obviously in an Equal Money System -- there will be no such thing as the law of attraction, because it won’t be necessary. You won’t have to make up excuses and religions or philosophies to feel better about harming others. You will be able to get all you require, and you will be able to have fun WITHOUT hurting or harming anyone. And competition will be more about fun (as sports and games) and about checking out who’s best fitted for a certain job. Competition won’t be any more about harming one another through survival games of win and lose -- which is the basis of our current system. And so there will be no ‘need’ to try and ‘manifest your desires’ as you will be able to fulfill them without doing harm to other living beings.

So Equal Money will be the end of the law of attraction, and a birth of common sense consideration of all living things. We will actually consider what and who we’re harming within taking any decision. And the basic principle will be what is best for all, so that the harm we will cause while living on a planet that is full of life -- will be as small as possible. And thus we will be free through giving equal freedom to all life -- and in that we won’t need excuses, we will simply take responsibility and we won’t have to go through the whole unnecessary turmoil of guilt, or trying to suppress it.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Will we all live in identical little boxes? -- Equal Money System FAQ

Will we all live in identical little boxes in an Equal Money System? No. To understand how that will work let’s have a look at it and look at some points that require to be considered when we are talking about housing. Firstly let’s clarify one thing – equality doesn’t mean ‘everyone get’s the same amount of everything’, because that would be simply stupid. What I mean by that, is that everyone won’t get EXACTLY the same things, but rather will have equal access to all that is available. Therefore what each one will actually have, and what one will use – as well as in what house one would choose to live – would be based on someone’s needs, requirements and thus choice.

Therefore for instance – when we’re talking about housing the houses will be distributed by this principle. You will simply choose a house that would suit your needs. And in that remember, that you will have to take care of your house, and keep it clean yourself (as there will be no slaves and no one will clean your house for money) therefore you will not really want a bigger house then you actually require. Obviously – because it would require more work to take care of it, therefore it will be a decision that will be related to practicality more then anything else. Which may cause houses to become smaller and practical.

Houses in themselves will not be a form of wealth – as it is currently. They will be what you will choose to live in to meet your needs. And obviously we will be using what is here already, so we will use the houses that are available at first, as well as building new houses necessary. And in regards to building new houses, Equal Money System will be able to embrace any betterment in how a house can be built. So in this the way we build houses will become innovated pretty fast, and I would see that as something that can be expected to happen. Because the innovations that currently are stopped because it might cause some to lose profit, and others to lose jobs – will be completely embraced in the Equal Money System as something that simply makes our lives easier and better.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Will people need a diploma before buying a pet? -- Equal Money System FAQ

Will people required a diploma/certificate before buying a pet/animal? Well let’s look at all the most relevant aspects of the situation and how we can approach to solve it with common sense. The relevant points here would be the following (I will do it in a short question and answer format to display the point).

Q: Are there things about taking care of animals that we do not know?
A: Obviously there are.

Q: Do certain animals require different care?
A: Yes they do, thus different knowledge is required to be obtained about what care they need.

Q: Are we able to learn such facts about taking care of animals by ourselves?
A: Basically yes in terms of theory as information, thus it might be incomplete if we do it by ourselves, and it isn’t the most effective way to handle this.

Q: Is it faster to learn the facts about taking care of animals in a course or school?
A: Yes.

Q: Is it a risk for the animal, and a possibility of unintended abuse if people do not learn about how to take care of them properly?
A: Yes, it is a risk.

Q: Can a fact that someone don’t know how to take care of animals be used as an excuse to abuse the animal and later on say ‘I didn’t knew that’?
A: Yes, lack of education about how to take care about an animal creates a possibility to abuse it as an excuse.

Q: What can be the consequence of someone not taking care of their animal properly?
A: There’s a very wide range of consequence, and almost all are harmful for the animal, like: malnutrition, bad physical development, infections, pain, weakness, psychological trauma (yes animals also have these), illnesses, but even disability or death.

Q: Is not setting up a system to educate people about how to take care of animals – while it’s possible, because money doesn’t limit us – is abusive?
A: Yes, to not set up such a system without which harm can happen, while we can easily and know how to do so is to allow abuse – because we can prevent it, and not preventing it while we can and know the consequence is abusive.

So as you can see, there are some issues arising when looking at the point of people not being educated about the animal they are taking care of. Both from a perspective of wanting to take care of your animal in the best way, and from the perspective of people that are ignorant and might abuse the animal. I mean, take into consideration the main point, and the context of what I am saying when saying that a diploma/certificate would be required from people to have animals – I am not talking about the current system, where certificates and education costs money. I am talking about totally free education here, that would be simply there for the best of all the animals and humans beings as well. So that people are able to take care of their animals properly as they will be required to – because animal abuse won’t be tolerated.

Therefore in an Equal Money System there will be education available for free, for people who want to take care of an animal. So that both are able to live the best way possible, and to make sure no harm is done intentionally and unintentionally in anyway. And for that purpose there will be a requirement for all people to learn about taking care of the animal they are willing to take care of.

This will come through a democratic decision in the future where all people will participate, and with taking into consideration all the facts – they will make such a decision, because that is what would be best for all in this situation. Because this is what you would want for your pet, and for yourself , as well as that is what your pet would like both for you and for itself. To be taken care in the best possible way – that’s common sense. And the way to bring it forth is to create a possibility and requirement for proper education of the human, who’s role here is as the custodian and the care taker. So the best and common sensical thing to do here, is to make sure everyone is aware and educated about their responsibilities to prevent harm, and create the best possible life for all.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Do I have to wait in line for bread? -- Equal Money System FAQ

The idea of standing in a line for goods is mostly coming from memories of what has been happening in communism in some countries. Because in communism there has been time periods where people had to stand in line to buy a lot of products, because there was not enough of them – therefore the way to get something was less about money – as people usually had the funds – but about being first in the line. So that not money, buy your placement in the queue decided who gets the products.

Now  to really understand that we should have a look at the source of the phenomena. Which for instance where I live (in Poland) is never mentioned in the media. Usually communism is just bashed for the long lines that people had to stand in – but the reasons why it did happen aren’t really explained. It’s used more as a way to blame communism and portray it as something evil and nasty – like some baby eating monster. But anyway – the reason why people had to stand in these lines, was because of the capitalistic countries (in case of Poland it was USA) putting economic sanctions on the communistic countries. Which practically ment that a communistic country was unable to trade with other capitalistic countries – because in this example USA has put sanctions, which ment they will not trade, and have threatened that if any other capitalistic country would trade with Poland, USA will also put economic sanctions on that country. So it is in a way, cutting a country from being able to trade with any non-communistic country.

Therefore the “standing in line” phenomena, that happened a lot in communism was a result of the capitalistic powers that were playing their power games, and were putting pressure on the communistic countries to force a change in government – which would benefit them. It’s a form of economic war, where – as always – the people are suffering the consequences.

Therefore no – in an Equal Money System people won’t have to stand in line for bread. Meaning that initially the distribution of food will be pretty much like it is today, so if you have to wait in line it will not be any different then what  we have today. But obviously we will be researching, looking for and finding ways to take care of that, so that the purchasing of products will become more automatic, and will not require anyone who will check what you bought (as a cashier) – so that you will be able to ‘help yourself’. And that will become much easier, because stealing will not be much of a problem, where everyone can get what they want. And buying will become more of just a process of getting the goods you require in a manner where it is registered in a digital system, that you’ve got those products.

Because the most sensible solutions would be, that we would initially wear a card which would work as our identification item. Meaning it will be a credit-card, ID, car license and all else in one. Through which all the information regarding a person would be read, and through which a person would ‘buy’ the products they want. And in that buying will eventually become just the process of distribution of goods, and the process of keeping a digital record of what have been distributed to whom and in what quantity. Which will also serve as a feedback system for the logistic and management centers that would be responsible for taking care that there is enough of goods available for all.

So therefore lines are not necessary. As standing in lines in itself is actually a result of bad management. And like in the example of communism, or in the example of waiting in lines in the healthcare system – standing in lines is a result of accepting bad management, or badly managed systems, or systems that are flawed by their nature. Because if we’re talking about standing in lines, and the healthcare system, the lines are simply to limit the number of people that get treated – because there is usually limited money in the budget for a certain treatment, or diagnostic method. Therefore people in the public healthcare are simply forced to wait in lines, so that those who have money can pay for it themselves in private clinics. It’s just a way of forcing people (because if you’re ill, you don’t have choice) to pay for the treatment themselves, through creating deliberately flawed systems that force people to wait in line, and in that risking their health.

And obviously all that will not happen. Because money will not be the problem, and no one will accept flawed management structures, as the objective will be to do what’s best for all. Therefore the management will also have to be best for all.

And if you think that there will not be enough people who will be taking care of certain jobs in an Equal Money System – consider that a lot of jobs especially in terms of trade (which is our current way of redistribution of goods) will not be necessary, as I’ve described above. Places like shops could be big malls, where people help themselves (it’s already well established), and that will require work is transportation of goods, and sorting them out so that people will be able to ‘buy’ them. And then just an automatic way of creating a digital record of all the transactions through the card everyone would be wearing. So that the cashier’s work would be done by each one individually. And we will as in all other areas look for ways to do what is best for all – which here would mean to make it more user friendly and automated.  

Monday, October 31, 2011

Will education be compulsory in an Equal Money System?

To answer the question – let’s have a look what is the function of and the reason for education, and based on that let’s then establish what is the necessity of education. This way we will make it clear how to approach it when constructing a system that would be best for all.

So, education is a process of training people in systematized ways to acquire specific skills, knowledge and the ability to use and apply the skills and the knowledge, to be able to complete or do certain tasks. And from that understanding – when education is training skills that are necessary to be independent by anyone, both in dealing with reality and in the way of thinking – such as basic education in terms of language, words, reading, writing, mathematics. The lack of such basic education is marginalizing and disabling a person. And such a person without such basic skills is simply harmed by the system that allowed him to not learn such basic skills, as the individual is not able to support oneself later in life. Therefore education of all the basic, practical skills taught within education that I’ve mentioned are the basis of being independent and are the base support that everyone must receive for them to be able to later in life support themselves.

Therefore there is a great necessity for everyone to get the basic education, and if the education wouldn’t be compulsory – the system would be allowing harm to those that would choose not to be educated. Therefore within an Equal Money System, all the relevant and necessary skills will be a compulsory part of education. Because otherwise the system would be harmful to children that do not realize the necessity of education.

Now while it’s clear that education is a necessity and have to be compulsory to not harm people in their developmental years. Let’s also have a short glimpse on what education should consist of overally. Because currently children are taught a lot of useless things within the schooling system which is harmful for the children, and is causing them to go into memorizing stuff pointlessly just to pass the exams, and in that building resistances, because they are taught things that aren’t supporting them in developing their interests to be able to apply  themselves in what they would actually like to apply, and what would they like to study – but they do that simply because of money, or because of their parents that influence them and support them to get the education and position in life where they would get as best financial standing as possible.

So in that context in the Equal Money System, children would be taught actual skills that would be relevant, and would be taught to them in an effective way that would  be very fundamental in approach. Meaning children would really learn skills like reading and writing, where the attention would be on everybody learning such points really and in great specificity and detail, so that the people would later on in life be able to establish effective communication (both with others and self), as well as the ability to analyze information critically. Instead of what children are thought today – mostly just to memorize and repeat information.

This will be also crucial for all people to be educated in an effective way, both to be able to communicate effectively and analyze information, as all relevant decisions (that are currently done by politicians) will be decided by everyone through internet. As we already have the technology that allows us to create a truly democratic society. And which also shows very clearly, that real democracy has never been established anywhere in the world.

On the point of people studying in the direction of specific jobs, as well as people that would like to pursue and explore their interests through studying certain subject and phenomenons. All that will be taken care of by people that are specialists currently as well as people that are simply studying and developing certain branches of knowledge, but will be redesigned as money will no longer be both: the issue and requirement for education, and the driving force both for the teachers and the students. And while this scares some people, as they do not see how people will move themselves without money – all that will be simply taken care of as the responsibility of each one. And the people that enjoy teaching, will be able to actually for the first time teach people that want to learn, because their actually interested about studying that what they’re learning – and both the teachers and the students will be doing their job by their own choice. As the money will no longer be the point based on which all decisions will are made.

Which will create a society that will be based on supporting everyone’s potential and allowing people to explore, study and develop themselves in areas that they like. Which will create a society where people’s interests and potential supported in such way – will become also the support for the whole system and society, producing much better results… Results that are not even considered currently. I mean: what would happen if all people would actually be allowed to enjoy their professions? The system will therefore depend on growth, not on constriction, and forced advancements through competition – generating constant conflict and friction. As that is the situation we’re dealing with in the current system.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sport in an Equal Money System

What will happen to sport in an Equal Money System? Well let’s have a look how money is a part of sport, where does money influence sport currently, and we’ll get to see what will change with the change of the money system.

Currently sport is about making money. There are quite a few of parties involved in making a profit out of sport, as it’s a product in terms of selling it as entertainment (TV transmissions, selling tickets for the actual events) as well as it is being utilized as a medium for advertisement, and a lot of multiple other ways how it is being utilized for profit (like selling cards related to sport stars, selling sport gadgets etc.). Within that obviously I am speaking only about sport as a spectacle, more then anything else, because that is where money have the biggest influence on sport. And so this branch of sport, as a spectacle, where people go to watch ‘the best’, and ‘the champions’ will change the most when the Equal Money System is in place.

In an Equal Money System such points as tournaments will not be ‘driven’ by money – as it is currently. Meaning that if people would like to organize a tournament – then it would be totally and entirely up to those interested to organize such a thing. There won’t be people paid to clean after such events, or people selling snacks and beer (as that exists currently) and if anyone would like to prepare prizes for those competitions it would rather be symbolic then anything else. As in the Equal Money System it will not be as hard as it is currently to obtain certain goods, as the gap between those that have and have not will be equalized extensively. Therefore sport will no longer be a rat race of competition between people that want to ‘be someone’ and are trying to be able to make money on being good in something. Such a thing as professionals in certain sport disciplines will not even exist – as today there are people who just train and earn money only based on their achievements in sport.

What will be left of sport from what it is today, is where the active participation occurs. Meaning that people will obviously still participate themselves in games like soccer or basketball, and other sports that are done alone as well. Yet there will be an impact on the individuals participating in sports themselves, and that will be on things like golf – where it requires other peoples effort to maintain and allow others to play it. Which is currently only possible because some people are just doing what they do because of money, in terms of – they do what they do, only to get paid, even if it the effect of their work is not practical/necessary and the work in itself is far from being enjoyable. So it’s quite simple how the effort and labor currently paid for by money, for tasks that aren’t productive in itself will stop. And only the tasks that are actually necessary, potentially beneficial, or such that people will enjoy to do – will remain. Simple common sense in a society where there are no slaves that do ‘all the dirty work’.

So in all that, we can see clearly that sport will become less of a competitive show created for money, and more of a self-expression, where people will participate in it for fun, health, or to interact with each other. Without some special prizes for the winners. Therefore winning will also be less relevant, as there will not be ‘glorified professionals’ within sport – but just people. And sport in itself will be more about participation then anything else.

Which is quite cool, as that is what sport should be, in opposition to what is happening in the world’s sport scene. Where people through training and intense competitive events put great stress on their physical bodies, often causing injuries and even using all kinds of legal or illegal substances to boost up their abilities that has a toll on their physical body. This will obviously end within an Equal Money System, with changing the reword system.  What will be left of sport and what will expand and will become the main point within the activity – is simply having fun together or alone through physical movement and interacting with one another.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

„I don’t care, it’s not my problem”

This is quite an interesting point to look at – the “I don’t care attitude”. Meaning, many people when faced with the sick, atrocious and abusive stuff that is going on constantly in this world to other beings often respond with: “who cares”, “I don’t care”, “I simply don’t give a fuck” etc., usually accompanied also with “I’ve got to take care of my own problems”. So, let’s have a look at this point of “I don’t care”.

The origin of such attitude is based on the point that people ‘can’ say that, and still live their life normally – meaning that things like starvation or child prostitution doesn’t affect many peoples lives directly, and so they can say ‘who cares’. Which leads to the point that allows everyone to live their separate lives, and the thing that allows that is money. As within all practical purposes, we only need money to be able to support and sustain all our basic needs and much more. And that is basically it. And within such situation, everyone can say – “I don’t care, it’s not my problem” (especially in relation to money based issues).

This is different within groups, that share a households for instance, as there is a group responsibility often the finances are also agreed upon together, and there people do take into consideration the people they live in – obviously, as there is a direct impact.

But going back to the point – which is money – if it weren’t for money, that allows people to ‘just have’ and don’t give a shit about anyone or anything else – no one would be able to say that. For instance, it has been so in many tribes/primitive cultures, where people lived and worked together at a village and were dependent on one another for support and survival. Currently we depend on the system to get support, live effectively and survive. Which is available in our system, but always for a price. Which means that the support of the system and taking care of each ones survival is based on the money they have to pay in the system for the support they require – it’s not unconditional. It is actually a very cruel system that is seriously flawed in it’s very design. Because it’s design isn’t built around support of living beings, but around money – which is a means to exchange energy and resources. Which has become a constant cycle of consumption and greed, and where success and self-realization is all connected to money, and the definition of life and living has been reduced to intense experiences and has also became a product of consumption. We perceive our lives according to what we are able to experience/consume, and we perceived ourselves as realized, where we are able to get a lot of money. Life, what life is , who we are as living beings has became totally irrelevant in the equation of our system.

Which leads to the conclusion, that people that are ignoring the suffering present in the current money system, don’t realize that they are absolutely and entirely dependent on money. And I say that because if they would understand the situation they are in, they would know that they can loose everything they are depending on (it’s just a matter of money, nothing else). And in that awareness, they would actually consider all those that suffer because of the lack of money, instead of saying “I don’t care, it’s not my problem”. While in reality it can be a problem of almost everyone if few events would happen in their lives that would strip them out of their money sources.

The statement “I don’t care, it’s not my problem” comes from a form of belief, hope or  trust that what a person have is somehow not based and entirely dependent on money – while it is, or that they will never lose it. While almost everything can be bought/obtained through money, just as in the same way without money you cannot get or obtain anything. Yet money in itself isn’t ‘evil’, it works according to rules and laws that we collectively agree and accept. Money is just an object that we’ve created to symbolize value, how it works and operates, and what are the consequence of how money works, is a consequence of our agreements, as the laws that constitute the system that we’ve created and depend on for support. And accepting them, through saying “I don’t care, it’s not my problem”, is an abdication of the responsibility each one has for the system that we depend on for support through our whole lives. Saying that the system is “not our business” while obviously we all depend on it, and wouldn’t have nothing we have, or even wouldn’t be able to survive without it – is a total misunderstanding and denial of the reality of things  that constitute our existence in this world.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fear is the seed of hate – why aren’t we stopping the holocaust?

 I have ran a search on the numbers of victims of holocaust and on the number of people dying of starvation each year to compare them. And even though the numbers aren’t exact and they vary – it seems that (for instance according to Wikipedia) there was from 11 to 17 million victims of holocaust (there’s plenty of works available on the web if you’re interested to go into detail into that, but I’ll just use this source as I am not really going into details). And according to UNICEF – 8 million children per year die because of hunger.

So it seems that we’re facing a holocaust AT LEAST every two years. And there’s no big fuss about it. We accept it, and nobody really bothers. Yes, there are some people trying to expose the atrocities going on, there are some foundations, groups and organizations, that try to help those people a bit – but it is but a drop in a bucket (because note that those values show what is happening WITH all the charities and organizations being active). Meaning – it’s not effective, and will never stop this genocide.

So clearly SOMETHING ISN’T WORKING. And that thing is the money system, as it allows in it’s very design – the point of having nothing, of basically starving. And this point of scarcity, poverty and suffering – which is a point of fear, is being utilized in our current system as a motivation or push for people to actually go to work and produce stuff. It is not that there is not enough food, or that somehow it’s impossible for people to be fed. Obviously it’s not the case at all, as we have plenty of jobs that have nothing to do with food productions that have been created just for people to be able to work in the system and earn money, and we’re having problems with unemployment. While some people that are extensively rich, could easily feed all the starving people on the globe if they would invest their funds into it together.

I mean the imbalances and paradoxes in our current money systems are quite obvious and visible. Yet, nobody cares – as long as they have what they need. And many people seemingly is afraid of a system (as the Equal Money System), where there would be no fear that would motivate/push people to actually participate and work (as fear = motivation is currently embodied by poverty/having no money). Even though that it costs a holocaust to happen every 2 years. The fear seems to be the choice for many. As this point of motivation has been brought up and expressed by many when being introduced to the concept of the Equal Money System.

It seems that we became so much fear possessed, that we don’t even see or understand that we could just stop this – by setting up a new system, with rules that would benefit ourselves, just like everyone else. I mean, just because we fear that we won’t be cared for – but have a look, just because of fearing that people won’t be motivated to work, we accept a genocide equal to holocaust every 2 years! People who claim this point, are so much stuck with this fear, for instance that ‘we wouldn’t have doctors in the EMS, because they wouldn’t get a higher incentive for what they do’ – do not see that they are currently possessed by the fear, and do everything out of the fear. And that is the reason why they do not even conceive a system without fear as motivation possible.

Equal Money would take out that fear (that exists as motivation currently). As it would take out starvation totally out of the picture. There simply would be no starvation. You wouldn’t be forced to work – with threats like death, disease, or inhuman environment (as it is today). You would not be able to become homeless, you would always receive medical care, and you would always have money to get food, and be able to get education – for free.  So there is no more fear that pushes you as a motivation.

And there, you must realize ( if you aren’t overwhelmed by the fear that has been the motivation for you to move your whole life – as it has been a motivation for all of us, for over centuries already) – that motivation would change then. It doesn’t matter that without fear there is no motivation, as it’s the motivation of this system, it doesn’t mean that it’s the ONLY motivation that can move a human being to do something constructive. Do you actually believe, that people would become just vegetables sitting in their homes all day if they wouldn’t have fear to drive them to get the money through doing a job? I mean that in itself actually implies that we see ourselves as lifeless zombies, that we actually aren’t doing anything for anything else but money – is it not?

In the Equal Money System, there would be some work required from all for a period of about 4-5 years so that the system is stable and self-sustainable. But after that, no more work would be required from an individual, so that would be basically all that would be REQUIRED from everyone. And beside that there would be obviously a work system for anyone interested to work. That would be handled by two streams of money basically – the basic income for all (to buy basic things, like food, clothes etc.) and the labor money for working (for all sorts of gadgets and things that aren’t necessary to have basic needs met – let’s call it ‘luxury goods’) – so that there would still be a reward system in place. But no more fear in the equation.

So in that we could actually do what we would enjoy to do, rather then having to survive. And the motivation would change from being forced to do something – to choosing what you want to do. If you don’t want to do anything – then it’s fine, also – I mean people like to speak about ‘free choice’ isn’t it? So let’s actually give everyone free choice equally, while creating a system where we are all simply taken care of. Isn’t that what every parent would like for their children? Isn’t that what everyone would like for themselves?

It’s not impossible, or ‘out of reach’. It is a big task – because it requires to take on the whole system, but we have to start somewhere, and certainly there is no practical, physical point that makes it impossible. The biggest barrier seems to be something that isn’t even physical, as it is the beliefs and conditioning. Which get’s more and more interesting – as I’m seeing responses from people on the point – in what bizarre ways the perceptions and beliefs get twisted to not be able to see the common sense and simplicity that is available to be lived here equally, because of the all encompassing fear that has been heavily impulsed into each one through the current money system, that requires the atrocities to exist, as a motivation. It is really sick, it is a crime, a genocide constantly going on, and there is no valid excuse – all are just justifications, and ‘making up stories’ in the head because of the actual point of awareness that exist in each one, about what is going on, at least to a certain point.

So I suggest to investigate yourself, and this reality, to actually push yourself to find solutions, and to make your life count. It isn’t much, it’s not something great – no single person will make a change. We require to work towards self-honesty, and live it in fact, and through that present actual solutions and live them into practical reality to stop the pointless genocide – which is allowed in the name of fear. Which means that it isn’t happening because of a real, practical, physical reason that cannot be overcome – it is happening because of the make-belief that we accept to exist as in our minds.

Which in comparison to holocaust and nazi germany shows that fear is hate, because of the following. Fear is causing a holocaust at least once every 2 years. Just as holocaust was an act of hate that has been accepted through fear as self-interest. Understand, that people that allowed holocaust wasn’t all Hitlers. They were simply people accepting the status quo and that wasn’t asking questions or feared standing up only caring about their own well being, because it didn’t influenced them. And to say that the genocide of holocaust was an act of hate, means that the genocide of starvation is also an act of hate – but a much larger one. And who is responsible? Well we cannot blame Hitler – as it happened in the past. Now there’s no Hitler, or any other one psychopath to blame. Now we are the only psychopaths that are the cause and can be the solution, if we stop this be redefining what we in fact accept and allow in this world – as it require to be a psychopath to allow genocide to happen. And it portrays well that we cannot stop it, until we actually stop ourselves. Because we are all equally responsible for this genocide that is going on. And there’s no forgiveness to save anyone, but self-forgiveness, to stop allowing and accepting what we have been allowing and accepting, and there’s nothing that will motivate or move us to do that, but ourselves. Mostly, we all know very well what is going on. We don’t ‘automatically’ do anything about it, as it would’ve been solved long ago – therefore we will not be ‘automatically’, ‘magically’ moved to do something about it . So we have to move and will ourselves, to actually have ‘free will’, which will often mean going against self and taking the not-so-easy road. But that is what is the actual essence of ‘freedom’ & ‘will’ –  ‘free-will’ as ‘freedom’ means to ‘will’ self by, in and through actually living that -- be free.

So far the current state of the world, as it’s controlled through money, and in that everyone being motivated by fear. It clearly shows that such sense of real freedom hasn’t been grasped and does not exist yet. As ‘free-will’ has never existed. It’s currently replaced by everyone being ‘fear-ill’ as everyone is only moving because of being ‘ill’ with ‘fear’. Instead of ‘free’ through self ‘will’.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Equality – is it really so hard?

Whatever religious affiliation a person would be, can they really say no to “treat another how you would like to be treated yourself”? Do we really need to ‘brand’ ourselves into certain ideas of ‘what is on the other side’ and what governs that what we do not understand, to see the simplicity of “loving thy neighbor”?
Equality has been a concept that has been popping out in various religions, but why didn’t it got really realized in actual living? People seem to have a certain level on consensus towards equality, when it is in terms of certain groups, or points. But what about equality in every way, practically? It is quite simple, actually, what equality is implying. It simply is to treat another living being as you would like to be treated – equally. We can know what is best for another in an instant, it doesn’t require some great wisdom or intelligence. It is the greatest simplicity that can be applied and understood by anyone. It simply require to realize that we are in fact equal in who we are as living beings. There is no complexity, no reasons, and no excuses within this. It is simply what it is.

And fascinating to look at especially, as everyone seems to dream about a world where people have actual respect for each other, and can coexist in harmony – in opposition to the current world, where the abuse, disregard, disrespect, harm and negligence is existent on all the levels of our social coexistence.
Why is it happening? Is there any reason why a person should disrespect, disregard or abuse another? Why would we go to wars, and perpetuate conflicts? Can you give me a good reason why are we allowing that in our personal lives, as well as on the level of whole nations and governments? Can you give me any valid reason for such manifested consequence of what we keep on accepting and allowing within ourselves, and our lives which eventually constitutes what happens on the nation/global scale? I mean any reason at all, why would we actually CHOOSE to direct ourselves, our lives and the people around us to such a destructive way of living?

Well, there aren’t any reasons for doing that, there are only excuses. And all the excuses, has their  root based in money. In the unequal redistribution of goods, where some people abuse because they have the possibility, and some allow themselves to be abused because they have no choice to end the abuse because of the financial situation they are in.

For instance – let’s start at the root of society, where the primary unit and environment is the family – children abused within homes accept and allow themselves to be abused, because they are financially dependent on their parents and fear being left alone with no support from anyone (only the system support in which nobody actually cares about you, and you’re only supported financially to a certain age – meaning no actual security). Same with wives or other family members that get abused in their homes – they don’t leave, because it costs money. So people actually take the steps to stop such situation and use the basic support provided by the system, when they are really desperate, and till that point where they are absolutely desperate, they will keep on allowing abuse extensively – just because of the money system.

And similarly, other pointless abusive situations are being accepted and allowed by people, because they don’t have the possibility to get out of them, because of the money limitation. And it is quite striking that even when a lot of pathological situations like these get highlighted by the media, it is never specifically pointed out, that the root problem is how money functions, and how the constant lack of money and security that people have, forces them to accept and allow unspeakable abuse.

But that again brings me back to the question, why are we having such sick stuff happening constantly and continuously in our lives? I mean it’s not ‘how it is because it’s how it is’ – it is what we create through our participation and allowance. To say that things have to be that way – while there is no real reason why that should happen and should be allowed, seems that we’re all having some mental disease that we’re not aware of, because we all have it. And while blaming for all those atrocities the unfair/unequal money system, we’re rejecting a proposition to put into place an equal money system just based on finding excuses why it’s impossible – means that the mental disease that we’re all a subject to has totally infected us and turned us into zombies, where we’ve accepted our own self-defeat and helplessness to the situation – where we’ve became in fact ‘the living dead’.

And in all that It’s unacceptable to burden the future generations with this mess that we haven’t taken care of, pouring our self-defeat unto them through leaving them a mess we’ve never taken on ourselves to deal with, with adding an extra package of our unresolved mental and emotional issues and excuses why we haven’t acted. It is really quite disheartening and sickening how we tend to place hope in the future generations, while not supporting them ourselves through leaving them all the stuff we haven’t dealt with + adding an extra package of our beliefs that didn’t brought anything, except of piles of excuses, limitations, fear, and ideas of what is right and what is wrong – that haven’t changed a thing in how the world works. It is really, sickening that we leave this mess (as the world system) to our children, in addition with a dose of our accepted self-defeat. And all that just because we’re unwilling to be self-honest and have a look at reality as it is in fact, and what part we actually play in it.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Competition – the right to life is only for the winners?

I’ve been hearing this particular way of thinking a lot throughout my life, and it goes along the lines of this statement “you say that something doesn’t work, just because you’re losing”, or “if you wouldn’t faced a problem with something yourself, then you wouldn’t care”. And within these kind of statements competition is totally accepted, as something that is unchangeable – which is and was to me always bizarre.  Are we really so brainwashed, that we don’t even consider that it doesn’t have to be this way, and instead of competition we can utilize cooperation, and actually “get somewhere”?

Doesn’t it strike you – the stupidity of competition? I mean this is obvious that competition is actually depleting both sides, and is not beneficial. It’s like a fight or any kind of conflict – it takes a toll on both. Yes someone can win and ‘take it all’, but the other one will lose, and in overall, the equation of competition is never accumulative and ‘creative’ (in terms of building something new, or something more) – it’s only taking something from another. There is no real gain in competition, everything is being taken in expense of another. For instance – to have cheap stuff, someone has to be paid less, it’s quite simplistic. For someone to be free, and doesn’t have to work, someone else has to do all the stuff that is required to sustain that person alive, which is food, housing, electricity, water, systems to take care of the trash, of human waste (trash and poo doesn’t have legs to take care of itself unfortunately) etc. -- there’s simply quite some stuff that needs to be handled – and this is simplistic stuff each one has to take care of.

It’s really bizarre from the practical, physical, simplistic, common sense perspective – that under such conditions, we believe that competition is of any worth or value in itself. Competition is a principle of taking something from another, it’s never real growth, creating, accumulation or betterment of any kind. It’s just taking something from another, and cycling what’s already here through that behavior over and over again,  generating and creating conflicts to feed the mind-created deluded perspective of reality and ill self-definition that one feed through competition and being in conflict ‘with’ particular things.
What competition stands for, is mere stupidity. It’s actually not allowing self and others the freedom that is accessible through cooperation. Not a freedom through enslavement of another, but the real, actual freedom of doing what is simply required in this reality we live, and under the rules that are here in the most effective way, that is best/of benefit to all.

And going back to the point I’ve started with, about statements that one only care about something when it is their problem. Well, the actual ‘problem’ is that, we are together in this world, and even though we build a money system that gives us all ways and methods to separate ourselves from each other, and gives us an illusion of being ‘independent’ from each other – it’s not so IN FACT. In fact we are co-dependent in this system, and are experiencing the consequences of that and will be. But as long as we can ‘hide’ from that, we can deny it in our separate bubbles build within our heads, and we can use money as a tool to ‘hide’ from the simplicity, that we are ‘all in this together’, we have been always and we will be. And not wanting to aknowledge that is just creating massive, needless abuse within this world, that can be easily prevented and stopped – if only we could get to a realization (each one for themselves) that there is no one ‘winning’ or ‘loosing’ in this ‘game’. It’s just a movement, of goods/values/things between someone that is ‘winning’ and someone that is ‘loosing’ – there is and will be no conclusion possible from that point, only more abuse and retardation of whatever is being ‘worked on’.

Without realizing that we’re all here, and we cannot just continuously take from each other, and base everything on competition (as our economy is currently) – we will get no where. But more consequence will occur, but you won’t care until it hits you? That’s an interesting point, and the more interesting point is – will you even understand what has hit you, when it will? Since we’re collectively accepting bullshit self-deception to be our ‘way’ of life, which is so nicely shown in how we cherish ‘competition’ and ‘freedom’, which are both just taking something from another, or enslaving another to do stuff you don’t want to do, so you can be ‘free’. It reminds me of movies about pirates that I’ve watched as a kid, how they robbed other ships, and took everyone they could as slaves to sell them later. The principle of competition is no different then that, it’s a constant struggle, where the winner takes all, and the looser get ripped, raped and robbed – that has become accepted in our world as ‘normal’ and as a ‘civilized’ way of life, which is explicitly insane.
When we will collectively understand that it’s all a pointless and needless struggle? That we can actually build things, and create things through cooperation? That we are already here all equally, and we influence one another? Nothing is separate, we just make ourselves believe that it is, and we abuse ourselves, and others – it’s like this great stupidity of our kind, while winners and losers are temporary, as they are this polarity, that needs the second pole, to be able to win. It is really simplistic, it’s like two people laying in one bed, fighting for the cover/blanket – there is nobody winning here! The blanket is finite, and it’s always in the const of another. Competition is a flawed concept born out of self-dishonesty and separation from ourselves that is sustainable through constant reaffirmation through participation in, and acceptance of – self-deception.  And what we’re doing and how everything ‘works’, is but a consequence of that, as it’s created by ourselves in our “image and likeness”, of  who we are – but not in our minds, that we can “made up” for ourselves, and make ourselves believe whatever we want – but as who we really are.

So take a moment and look at the pointless abuse, suffering, atrocities in this world – all spawned from the accepted stupidity as self-deception, of separating ourselves from ourselves, and from one another, creating some bullshit concepts as competition and making it the way to ‘win’ the ‘holy grail’, while there is always someone that is required to fail – so someone can win. It’s really simple stuff that I’m writing here, no great ideology – just simplicity. Through working together we benefit, through competition we get NOTHING, only stealing from another, there is no growth or progress possible (even when it seems it works), the flawed starting point will manifest in every corner of things built on such separation (just look at our ‘civilized’ world – you don’t have to look far).

Also one  ‘great’ often repeated excuse  that is taken on to ‘defend’ competition is that ‘nature works this way’ (referring to competition and survival of the fittest). Firstly, how long are we’re going to t ’point fingers’ and find reasons, excuses, justifications, someone/something to blame? It’s really simple and is of no use, it’s not hard to find excuses, and be passive in this world – it’s really, really simple… Aside that – it’s not even completely true. It’s how ‘we’ select to ‘see’ what we want in nature. For example, there are organisms in this world that work together ‘by design’ (the same way as many living beings are fucked ‘by design’), and it’s called symbiosis. It’s not a miracle, or something “unconceivable”, it is simply done through systems that create such a situation where ‘both’ can benefit, it’s clearly more advanced and obviously better then any kind of competition. And this is what should be our concern and example of what we can be, as we human beings are the only creatures in this physical reality that can actually create and manage systems. Therefore we can create them in the most symbiotic way possible, that would be best for all – and that is what the Equal Money System represents, research it, and join the effort if you’re willing to let go of your inner conflict/separation as self-deception to stand for and live as part of the solution that is of substance that can only come through practical application, that has to start with who we are and what we’ve accepted ourselves and therefore our world to become.