Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Money and responsibility

Money is a very interesting point to look at, and to investigate as the main factor that is shaping and creating the human experience. I say that, because obviously 'money decides' about who we are and what we do – practically in this reality, which is physical, and the mean to transfer the 'physical value' in an easy way – is money. I say an easy way, because money is making the flow of goods (as trade) easy. And that is basically why there is such a thing as money required.

Money is like a 'fluid substance', with which we are able to 'shape' the physical reality. As it symbolizes, represents and practically have a certain value that it carries. And the value is the basic, universal, practical and real 'substance' – that controls the human world, participation and state of being. Yet what is also important to add and understand – is that the human being, is not the only living being here, and that money (as a result of human participation) do affect other living beings as well.

If we took now only the humans into consideration – we could say in a way that everyone is equal to the rules, and control that money in itself is imposing (while obviously the position in relation to money of each is not equal). Yet a proper understanding of this phenomenon, should firstly come through the proper understanding of the rules of physical matter – as rules of matter, physics, mathematics – generally as the rules of this physical reality. Where money is used just as a means to manage this reality by humans, from human perspective, and taking into consideration the human only.

Therefore money is in a way the result of our limitation and needs within this physical world. Which is why money has control, and represents power in this world. As people have needs that require to be met (shelter, food, medication, clothes etc.) – and they are not possible to be met without money, therefore money in itself has become a deciding 'power' in this world that decides 'who lives and who dies' it decides who has medication, health care, who has a place to live, and even who has food to eat.

Which is an outcome of money functioning through collective perception – as some 'force' or 'substance' 'outside of us', as 'separate' from who we are, and our participation – as it is some 'entity' that is 'there' and works as itself, and that it's outside of our responsibility. Therefore nobody takes responsibility for money itself – which constitutes the allowance and acceptance of the atrocities and abuse that is the consequence of the money system that everyone takes part in, by the very nature of placement of money within this physical reality.

And that is why we're standing for and working towards an Equal Money System, which is a system of taking self-responsibility for ourselves, within a monetary system. A monetary system not based on 'everyone for themselves' (as it currently operates), but to create a safe and stable environment for everyone and everything (as all other living beings) – that is possible by enough people taking self-responsibility for who they are and what they participate in.

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