Sunday, May 29, 2011

Competition – the right to life is only for the winners?

I’ve been hearing this particular way of thinking a lot throughout my life, and it goes along the lines of this statement “you say that something doesn’t work, just because you’re losing”, or “if you wouldn’t faced a problem with something yourself, then you wouldn’t care”. And within these kind of statements competition is totally accepted, as something that is unchangeable – which is and was to me always bizarre.  Are we really so brainwashed, that we don’t even consider that it doesn’t have to be this way, and instead of competition we can utilize cooperation, and actually “get somewhere”?

Doesn’t it strike you – the stupidity of competition? I mean this is obvious that competition is actually depleting both sides, and is not beneficial. It’s like a fight or any kind of conflict – it takes a toll on both. Yes someone can win and ‘take it all’, but the other one will lose, and in overall, the equation of competition is never accumulative and ‘creative’ (in terms of building something new, or something more) – it’s only taking something from another. There is no real gain in competition, everything is being taken in expense of another. For instance – to have cheap stuff, someone has to be paid less, it’s quite simplistic. For someone to be free, and doesn’t have to work, someone else has to do all the stuff that is required to sustain that person alive, which is food, housing, electricity, water, systems to take care of the trash, of human waste (trash and poo doesn’t have legs to take care of itself unfortunately) etc. -- there’s simply quite some stuff that needs to be handled – and this is simplistic stuff each one has to take care of.

It’s really bizarre from the practical, physical, simplistic, common sense perspective – that under such conditions, we believe that competition is of any worth or value in itself. Competition is a principle of taking something from another, it’s never real growth, creating, accumulation or betterment of any kind. It’s just taking something from another, and cycling what’s already here through that behavior over and over again,  generating and creating conflicts to feed the mind-created deluded perspective of reality and ill self-definition that one feed through competition and being in conflict ‘with’ particular things.
What competition stands for, is mere stupidity. It’s actually not allowing self and others the freedom that is accessible through cooperation. Not a freedom through enslavement of another, but the real, actual freedom of doing what is simply required in this reality we live, and under the rules that are here in the most effective way, that is best/of benefit to all.

And going back to the point I’ve started with, about statements that one only care about something when it is their problem. Well, the actual ‘problem’ is that, we are together in this world, and even though we build a money system that gives us all ways and methods to separate ourselves from each other, and gives us an illusion of being ‘independent’ from each other – it’s not so IN FACT. In fact we are co-dependent in this system, and are experiencing the consequences of that and will be. But as long as we can ‘hide’ from that, we can deny it in our separate bubbles build within our heads, and we can use money as a tool to ‘hide’ from the simplicity, that we are ‘all in this together’, we have been always and we will be. And not wanting to aknowledge that is just creating massive, needless abuse within this world, that can be easily prevented and stopped – if only we could get to a realization (each one for themselves) that there is no one ‘winning’ or ‘loosing’ in this ‘game’. It’s just a movement, of goods/values/things between someone that is ‘winning’ and someone that is ‘loosing’ – there is and will be no conclusion possible from that point, only more abuse and retardation of whatever is being ‘worked on’.

Without realizing that we’re all here, and we cannot just continuously take from each other, and base everything on competition (as our economy is currently) – we will get no where. But more consequence will occur, but you won’t care until it hits you? That’s an interesting point, and the more interesting point is – will you even understand what has hit you, when it will? Since we’re collectively accepting bullshit self-deception to be our ‘way’ of life, which is so nicely shown in how we cherish ‘competition’ and ‘freedom’, which are both just taking something from another, or enslaving another to do stuff you don’t want to do, so you can be ‘free’. It reminds me of movies about pirates that I’ve watched as a kid, how they robbed other ships, and took everyone they could as slaves to sell them later. The principle of competition is no different then that, it’s a constant struggle, where the winner takes all, and the looser get ripped, raped and robbed – that has become accepted in our world as ‘normal’ and as a ‘civilized’ way of life, which is explicitly insane.
When we will collectively understand that it’s all a pointless and needless struggle? That we can actually build things, and create things through cooperation? That we are already here all equally, and we influence one another? Nothing is separate, we just make ourselves believe that it is, and we abuse ourselves, and others – it’s like this great stupidity of our kind, while winners and losers are temporary, as they are this polarity, that needs the second pole, to be able to win. It is really simplistic, it’s like two people laying in one bed, fighting for the cover/blanket – there is nobody winning here! The blanket is finite, and it’s always in the const of another. Competition is a flawed concept born out of self-dishonesty and separation from ourselves that is sustainable through constant reaffirmation through participation in, and acceptance of – self-deception.  And what we’re doing and how everything ‘works’, is but a consequence of that, as it’s created by ourselves in our “image and likeness”, of  who we are – but not in our minds, that we can “made up” for ourselves, and make ourselves believe whatever we want – but as who we really are.

So take a moment and look at the pointless abuse, suffering, atrocities in this world – all spawned from the accepted stupidity as self-deception, of separating ourselves from ourselves, and from one another, creating some bullshit concepts as competition and making it the way to ‘win’ the ‘holy grail’, while there is always someone that is required to fail – so someone can win. It’s really simple stuff that I’m writing here, no great ideology – just simplicity. Through working together we benefit, through competition we get NOTHING, only stealing from another, there is no growth or progress possible (even when it seems it works), the flawed starting point will manifest in every corner of things built on such separation (just look at our ‘civilized’ world – you don’t have to look far).

Also one  ‘great’ often repeated excuse  that is taken on to ‘defend’ competition is that ‘nature works this way’ (referring to competition and survival of the fittest). Firstly, how long are we’re going to t ’point fingers’ and find reasons, excuses, justifications, someone/something to blame? It’s really simple and is of no use, it’s not hard to find excuses, and be passive in this world – it’s really, really simple… Aside that – it’s not even completely true. It’s how ‘we’ select to ‘see’ what we want in nature. For example, there are organisms in this world that work together ‘by design’ (the same way as many living beings are fucked ‘by design’), and it’s called symbiosis. It’s not a miracle, or something “unconceivable”, it is simply done through systems that create such a situation where ‘both’ can benefit, it’s clearly more advanced and obviously better then any kind of competition. And this is what should be our concern and example of what we can be, as we human beings are the only creatures in this physical reality that can actually create and manage systems. Therefore we can create them in the most symbiotic way possible, that would be best for all – and that is what the Equal Money System represents, research it, and join the effort if you’re willing to let go of your inner conflict/separation as self-deception to stand for and live as part of the solution that is of substance that can only come through practical application, that has to start with who we are and what we’ve accepted ourselves and therefore our world to become.

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