Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Equality – is it really so hard?

Whatever religious affiliation a person would be, can they really say no to “treat another how you would like to be treated yourself”? Do we really need to ‘brand’ ourselves into certain ideas of ‘what is on the other side’ and what governs that what we do not understand, to see the simplicity of “loving thy neighbor”?
Equality has been a concept that has been popping out in various religions, but why didn’t it got really realized in actual living? People seem to have a certain level on consensus towards equality, when it is in terms of certain groups, or points. But what about equality in every way, practically? It is quite simple, actually, what equality is implying. It simply is to treat another living being as you would like to be treated – equally. We can know what is best for another in an instant, it doesn’t require some great wisdom or intelligence. It is the greatest simplicity that can be applied and understood by anyone. It simply require to realize that we are in fact equal in who we are as living beings. There is no complexity, no reasons, and no excuses within this. It is simply what it is.

And fascinating to look at especially, as everyone seems to dream about a world where people have actual respect for each other, and can coexist in harmony – in opposition to the current world, where the abuse, disregard, disrespect, harm and negligence is existent on all the levels of our social coexistence.
Why is it happening? Is there any reason why a person should disrespect, disregard or abuse another? Why would we go to wars, and perpetuate conflicts? Can you give me a good reason why are we allowing that in our personal lives, as well as on the level of whole nations and governments? Can you give me any valid reason for such manifested consequence of what we keep on accepting and allowing within ourselves, and our lives which eventually constitutes what happens on the nation/global scale? I mean any reason at all, why would we actually CHOOSE to direct ourselves, our lives and the people around us to such a destructive way of living?

Well, there aren’t any reasons for doing that, there are only excuses. And all the excuses, has their  root based in money. In the unequal redistribution of goods, where some people abuse because they have the possibility, and some allow themselves to be abused because they have no choice to end the abuse because of the financial situation they are in.

For instance – let’s start at the root of society, where the primary unit and environment is the family – children abused within homes accept and allow themselves to be abused, because they are financially dependent on their parents and fear being left alone with no support from anyone (only the system support in which nobody actually cares about you, and you’re only supported financially to a certain age – meaning no actual security). Same with wives or other family members that get abused in their homes – they don’t leave, because it costs money. So people actually take the steps to stop such situation and use the basic support provided by the system, when they are really desperate, and till that point where they are absolutely desperate, they will keep on allowing abuse extensively – just because of the money system.

And similarly, other pointless abusive situations are being accepted and allowed by people, because they don’t have the possibility to get out of them, because of the money limitation. And it is quite striking that even when a lot of pathological situations like these get highlighted by the media, it is never specifically pointed out, that the root problem is how money functions, and how the constant lack of money and security that people have, forces them to accept and allow unspeakable abuse.

But that again brings me back to the question, why are we having such sick stuff happening constantly and continuously in our lives? I mean it’s not ‘how it is because it’s how it is’ – it is what we create through our participation and allowance. To say that things have to be that way – while there is no real reason why that should happen and should be allowed, seems that we’re all having some mental disease that we’re not aware of, because we all have it. And while blaming for all those atrocities the unfair/unequal money system, we’re rejecting a proposition to put into place an equal money system just based on finding excuses why it’s impossible – means that the mental disease that we’re all a subject to has totally infected us and turned us into zombies, where we’ve accepted our own self-defeat and helplessness to the situation – where we’ve became in fact ‘the living dead’.

And in all that It’s unacceptable to burden the future generations with this mess that we haven’t taken care of, pouring our self-defeat unto them through leaving them a mess we’ve never taken on ourselves to deal with, with adding an extra package of our unresolved mental and emotional issues and excuses why we haven’t acted. It is really quite disheartening and sickening how we tend to place hope in the future generations, while not supporting them ourselves through leaving them all the stuff we haven’t dealt with + adding an extra package of our beliefs that didn’t brought anything, except of piles of excuses, limitations, fear, and ideas of what is right and what is wrong – that haven’t changed a thing in how the world works. It is really, sickening that we leave this mess (as the world system) to our children, in addition with a dose of our accepted self-defeat. And all that just because we’re unwilling to be self-honest and have a look at reality as it is in fact, and what part we actually play in it.