Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fear is the seed of hate – why aren’t we stopping the holocaust?

 I have ran a search on the numbers of victims of holocaust and on the number of people dying of starvation each year to compare them. And even though the numbers aren’t exact and they vary – it seems that (for instance according to Wikipedia) there was from 11 to 17 million victims of holocaust (there’s plenty of works available on the web if you’re interested to go into detail into that, but I’ll just use this source as I am not really going into details). And according to UNICEF – 8 million children per year die because of hunger.

So it seems that we’re facing a holocaust AT LEAST every two years. And there’s no big fuss about it. We accept it, and nobody really bothers. Yes, there are some people trying to expose the atrocities going on, there are some foundations, groups and organizations, that try to help those people a bit – but it is but a drop in a bucket (because note that those values show what is happening WITH all the charities and organizations being active). Meaning – it’s not effective, and will never stop this genocide.

So clearly SOMETHING ISN’T WORKING. And that thing is the money system, as it allows in it’s very design – the point of having nothing, of basically starving. And this point of scarcity, poverty and suffering – which is a point of fear, is being utilized in our current system as a motivation or push for people to actually go to work and produce stuff. It is not that there is not enough food, or that somehow it’s impossible for people to be fed. Obviously it’s not the case at all, as we have plenty of jobs that have nothing to do with food productions that have been created just for people to be able to work in the system and earn money, and we’re having problems with unemployment. While some people that are extensively rich, could easily feed all the starving people on the globe if they would invest their funds into it together.

I mean the imbalances and paradoxes in our current money systems are quite obvious and visible. Yet, nobody cares – as long as they have what they need. And many people seemingly is afraid of a system (as the Equal Money System), where there would be no fear that would motivate/push people to actually participate and work (as fear = motivation is currently embodied by poverty/having no money). Even though that it costs a holocaust to happen every 2 years. The fear seems to be the choice for many. As this point of motivation has been brought up and expressed by many when being introduced to the concept of the Equal Money System.

It seems that we became so much fear possessed, that we don’t even see or understand that we could just stop this – by setting up a new system, with rules that would benefit ourselves, just like everyone else. I mean, just because we fear that we won’t be cared for – but have a look, just because of fearing that people won’t be motivated to work, we accept a genocide equal to holocaust every 2 years! People who claim this point, are so much stuck with this fear, for instance that ‘we wouldn’t have doctors in the EMS, because they wouldn’t get a higher incentive for what they do’ – do not see that they are currently possessed by the fear, and do everything out of the fear. And that is the reason why they do not even conceive a system without fear as motivation possible.

Equal Money would take out that fear (that exists as motivation currently). As it would take out starvation totally out of the picture. There simply would be no starvation. You wouldn’t be forced to work – with threats like death, disease, or inhuman environment (as it is today). You would not be able to become homeless, you would always receive medical care, and you would always have money to get food, and be able to get education – for free.  So there is no more fear that pushes you as a motivation.

And there, you must realize ( if you aren’t overwhelmed by the fear that has been the motivation for you to move your whole life – as it has been a motivation for all of us, for over centuries already) – that motivation would change then. It doesn’t matter that without fear there is no motivation, as it’s the motivation of this system, it doesn’t mean that it’s the ONLY motivation that can move a human being to do something constructive. Do you actually believe, that people would become just vegetables sitting in their homes all day if they wouldn’t have fear to drive them to get the money through doing a job? I mean that in itself actually implies that we see ourselves as lifeless zombies, that we actually aren’t doing anything for anything else but money – is it not?

In the Equal Money System, there would be some work required from all for a period of about 4-5 years so that the system is stable and self-sustainable. But after that, no more work would be required from an individual, so that would be basically all that would be REQUIRED from everyone. And beside that there would be obviously a work system for anyone interested to work. That would be handled by two streams of money basically – the basic income for all (to buy basic things, like food, clothes etc.) and the labor money for working (for all sorts of gadgets and things that aren’t necessary to have basic needs met – let’s call it ‘luxury goods’) – so that there would still be a reward system in place. But no more fear in the equation.

So in that we could actually do what we would enjoy to do, rather then having to survive. And the motivation would change from being forced to do something – to choosing what you want to do. If you don’t want to do anything – then it’s fine, also – I mean people like to speak about ‘free choice’ isn’t it? So let’s actually give everyone free choice equally, while creating a system where we are all simply taken care of. Isn’t that what every parent would like for their children? Isn’t that what everyone would like for themselves?

It’s not impossible, or ‘out of reach’. It is a big task – because it requires to take on the whole system, but we have to start somewhere, and certainly there is no practical, physical point that makes it impossible. The biggest barrier seems to be something that isn’t even physical, as it is the beliefs and conditioning. Which get’s more and more interesting – as I’m seeing responses from people on the point – in what bizarre ways the perceptions and beliefs get twisted to not be able to see the common sense and simplicity that is available to be lived here equally, because of the all encompassing fear that has been heavily impulsed into each one through the current money system, that requires the atrocities to exist, as a motivation. It is really sick, it is a crime, a genocide constantly going on, and there is no valid excuse – all are just justifications, and ‘making up stories’ in the head because of the actual point of awareness that exist in each one, about what is going on, at least to a certain point.

So I suggest to investigate yourself, and this reality, to actually push yourself to find solutions, and to make your life count. It isn’t much, it’s not something great – no single person will make a change. We require to work towards self-honesty, and live it in fact, and through that present actual solutions and live them into practical reality to stop the pointless genocide – which is allowed in the name of fear. Which means that it isn’t happening because of a real, practical, physical reason that cannot be overcome – it is happening because of the make-belief that we accept to exist as in our minds.

Which in comparison to holocaust and nazi germany shows that fear is hate, because of the following. Fear is causing a holocaust at least once every 2 years. Just as holocaust was an act of hate that has been accepted through fear as self-interest. Understand, that people that allowed holocaust wasn’t all Hitlers. They were simply people accepting the status quo and that wasn’t asking questions or feared standing up only caring about their own well being, because it didn’t influenced them. And to say that the genocide of holocaust was an act of hate, means that the genocide of starvation is also an act of hate – but a much larger one. And who is responsible? Well we cannot blame Hitler – as it happened in the past. Now there’s no Hitler, or any other one psychopath to blame. Now we are the only psychopaths that are the cause and can be the solution, if we stop this be redefining what we in fact accept and allow in this world – as it require to be a psychopath to allow genocide to happen. And it portrays well that we cannot stop it, until we actually stop ourselves. Because we are all equally responsible for this genocide that is going on. And there’s no forgiveness to save anyone, but self-forgiveness, to stop allowing and accepting what we have been allowing and accepting, and there’s nothing that will motivate or move us to do that, but ourselves. Mostly, we all know very well what is going on. We don’t ‘automatically’ do anything about it, as it would’ve been solved long ago – therefore we will not be ‘automatically’, ‘magically’ moved to do something about it . So we have to move and will ourselves, to actually have ‘free will’, which will often mean going against self and taking the not-so-easy road. But that is what is the actual essence of ‘freedom’ & ‘will’ –  ‘free-will’ as ‘freedom’ means to ‘will’ self by, in and through actually living that -- be free.

So far the current state of the world, as it’s controlled through money, and in that everyone being motivated by fear. It clearly shows that such sense of real freedom hasn’t been grasped and does not exist yet. As ‘free-will’ has never existed. It’s currently replaced by everyone being ‘fear-ill’ as everyone is only moving because of being ‘ill’ with ‘fear’. Instead of ‘free’ through self ‘will’.

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