Monday, October 24, 2011

Sport in an Equal Money System

What will happen to sport in an Equal Money System? Well let’s have a look how money is a part of sport, where does money influence sport currently, and we’ll get to see what will change with the change of the money system.

Currently sport is about making money. There are quite a few of parties involved in making a profit out of sport, as it’s a product in terms of selling it as entertainment (TV transmissions, selling tickets for the actual events) as well as it is being utilized as a medium for advertisement, and a lot of multiple other ways how it is being utilized for profit (like selling cards related to sport stars, selling sport gadgets etc.). Within that obviously I am speaking only about sport as a spectacle, more then anything else, because that is where money have the biggest influence on sport. And so this branch of sport, as a spectacle, where people go to watch ‘the best’, and ‘the champions’ will change the most when the Equal Money System is in place.

In an Equal Money System such points as tournaments will not be ‘driven’ by money – as it is currently. Meaning that if people would like to organize a tournament – then it would be totally and entirely up to those interested to organize such a thing. There won’t be people paid to clean after such events, or people selling snacks and beer (as that exists currently) and if anyone would like to prepare prizes for those competitions it would rather be symbolic then anything else. As in the Equal Money System it will not be as hard as it is currently to obtain certain goods, as the gap between those that have and have not will be equalized extensively. Therefore sport will no longer be a rat race of competition between people that want to ‘be someone’ and are trying to be able to make money on being good in something. Such a thing as professionals in certain sport disciplines will not even exist – as today there are people who just train and earn money only based on their achievements in sport.

What will be left of sport from what it is today, is where the active participation occurs. Meaning that people will obviously still participate themselves in games like soccer or basketball, and other sports that are done alone as well. Yet there will be an impact on the individuals participating in sports themselves, and that will be on things like golf – where it requires other peoples effort to maintain and allow others to play it. Which is currently only possible because some people are just doing what they do because of money, in terms of – they do what they do, only to get paid, even if it the effect of their work is not practical/necessary and the work in itself is far from being enjoyable. So it’s quite simple how the effort and labor currently paid for by money, for tasks that aren’t productive in itself will stop. And only the tasks that are actually necessary, potentially beneficial, or such that people will enjoy to do – will remain. Simple common sense in a society where there are no slaves that do ‘all the dirty work’.

So in all that, we can see clearly that sport will become less of a competitive show created for money, and more of a self-expression, where people will participate in it for fun, health, or to interact with each other. Without some special prizes for the winners. Therefore winning will also be less relevant, as there will not be ‘glorified professionals’ within sport – but just people. And sport in itself will be more about participation then anything else.

Which is quite cool, as that is what sport should be, in opposition to what is happening in the world’s sport scene. Where people through training and intense competitive events put great stress on their physical bodies, often causing injuries and even using all kinds of legal or illegal substances to boost up their abilities that has a toll on their physical body. This will obviously end within an Equal Money System, with changing the reword system.  What will be left of sport and what will expand and will become the main point within the activity – is simply having fun together or alone through physical movement and interacting with one another.

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