Monday, October 31, 2011

Will education be compulsory in an Equal Money System?

To answer the question – let’s have a look what is the function of and the reason for education, and based on that let’s then establish what is the necessity of education. This way we will make it clear how to approach it when constructing a system that would be best for all.

So, education is a process of training people in systematized ways to acquire specific skills, knowledge and the ability to use and apply the skills and the knowledge, to be able to complete or do certain tasks. And from that understanding – when education is training skills that are necessary to be independent by anyone, both in dealing with reality and in the way of thinking – such as basic education in terms of language, words, reading, writing, mathematics. The lack of such basic education is marginalizing and disabling a person. And such a person without such basic skills is simply harmed by the system that allowed him to not learn such basic skills, as the individual is not able to support oneself later in life. Therefore education of all the basic, practical skills taught within education that I’ve mentioned are the basis of being independent and are the base support that everyone must receive for them to be able to later in life support themselves.

Therefore there is a great necessity for everyone to get the basic education, and if the education wouldn’t be compulsory – the system would be allowing harm to those that would choose not to be educated. Therefore within an Equal Money System, all the relevant and necessary skills will be a compulsory part of education. Because otherwise the system would be harmful to children that do not realize the necessity of education.

Now while it’s clear that education is a necessity and have to be compulsory to not harm people in their developmental years. Let’s also have a short glimpse on what education should consist of overally. Because currently children are taught a lot of useless things within the schooling system which is harmful for the children, and is causing them to go into memorizing stuff pointlessly just to pass the exams, and in that building resistances, because they are taught things that aren’t supporting them in developing their interests to be able to apply  themselves in what they would actually like to apply, and what would they like to study – but they do that simply because of money, or because of their parents that influence them and support them to get the education and position in life where they would get as best financial standing as possible.

So in that context in the Equal Money System, children would be taught actual skills that would be relevant, and would be taught to them in an effective way that would  be very fundamental in approach. Meaning children would really learn skills like reading and writing, where the attention would be on everybody learning such points really and in great specificity and detail, so that the people would later on in life be able to establish effective communication (both with others and self), as well as the ability to analyze information critically. Instead of what children are thought today – mostly just to memorize and repeat information.

This will be also crucial for all people to be educated in an effective way, both to be able to communicate effectively and analyze information, as all relevant decisions (that are currently done by politicians) will be decided by everyone through internet. As we already have the technology that allows us to create a truly democratic society. And which also shows very clearly, that real democracy has never been established anywhere in the world.

On the point of people studying in the direction of specific jobs, as well as people that would like to pursue and explore their interests through studying certain subject and phenomenons. All that will be taken care of by people that are specialists currently as well as people that are simply studying and developing certain branches of knowledge, but will be redesigned as money will no longer be both: the issue and requirement for education, and the driving force both for the teachers and the students. And while this scares some people, as they do not see how people will move themselves without money – all that will be simply taken care of as the responsibility of each one. And the people that enjoy teaching, will be able to actually for the first time teach people that want to learn, because their actually interested about studying that what they’re learning – and both the teachers and the students will be doing their job by their own choice. As the money will no longer be the point based on which all decisions will are made.

Which will create a society that will be based on supporting everyone’s potential and allowing people to explore, study and develop themselves in areas that they like. Which will create a society where people’s interests and potential supported in such way – will become also the support for the whole system and society, producing much better results… Results that are not even considered currently. I mean: what would happen if all people would actually be allowed to enjoy their professions? The system will therefore depend on growth, not on constriction, and forced advancements through competition – generating constant conflict and friction. As that is the situation we’re dealing with in the current system.

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  1. Great post Larys!

    I wrote a post on this myself and its cool to see how when points are approached within common sense, we naturally agree!