Monday, November 14, 2011

Do I have to wait in line for bread? -- Equal Money System FAQ

The idea of standing in a line for goods is mostly coming from memories of what has been happening in communism in some countries. Because in communism there has been time periods where people had to stand in line to buy a lot of products, because there was not enough of them – therefore the way to get something was less about money – as people usually had the funds – but about being first in the line. So that not money, buy your placement in the queue decided who gets the products.

Now  to really understand that we should have a look at the source of the phenomena. Which for instance where I live (in Poland) is never mentioned in the media. Usually communism is just bashed for the long lines that people had to stand in – but the reasons why it did happen aren’t really explained. It’s used more as a way to blame communism and portray it as something evil and nasty – like some baby eating monster. But anyway – the reason why people had to stand in these lines, was because of the capitalistic countries (in case of Poland it was USA) putting economic sanctions on the communistic countries. Which practically ment that a communistic country was unable to trade with other capitalistic countries – because in this example USA has put sanctions, which ment they will not trade, and have threatened that if any other capitalistic country would trade with Poland, USA will also put economic sanctions on that country. So it is in a way, cutting a country from being able to trade with any non-communistic country.

Therefore the “standing in line” phenomena, that happened a lot in communism was a result of the capitalistic powers that were playing their power games, and were putting pressure on the communistic countries to force a change in government – which would benefit them. It’s a form of economic war, where – as always – the people are suffering the consequences.

Therefore no – in an Equal Money System people won’t have to stand in line for bread. Meaning that initially the distribution of food will be pretty much like it is today, so if you have to wait in line it will not be any different then what  we have today. But obviously we will be researching, looking for and finding ways to take care of that, so that the purchasing of products will become more automatic, and will not require anyone who will check what you bought (as a cashier) – so that you will be able to ‘help yourself’. And that will become much easier, because stealing will not be much of a problem, where everyone can get what they want. And buying will become more of just a process of getting the goods you require in a manner where it is registered in a digital system, that you’ve got those products.

Because the most sensible solutions would be, that we would initially wear a card which would work as our identification item. Meaning it will be a credit-card, ID, car license and all else in one. Through which all the information regarding a person would be read, and through which a person would ‘buy’ the products they want. And in that buying will eventually become just the process of distribution of goods, and the process of keeping a digital record of what have been distributed to whom and in what quantity. Which will also serve as a feedback system for the logistic and management centers that would be responsible for taking care that there is enough of goods available for all.

So therefore lines are not necessary. As standing in lines in itself is actually a result of bad management. And like in the example of communism, or in the example of waiting in lines in the healthcare system – standing in lines is a result of accepting bad management, or badly managed systems, or systems that are flawed by their nature. Because if we’re talking about standing in lines, and the healthcare system, the lines are simply to limit the number of people that get treated – because there is usually limited money in the budget for a certain treatment, or diagnostic method. Therefore people in the public healthcare are simply forced to wait in lines, so that those who have money can pay for it themselves in private clinics. It’s just a way of forcing people (because if you’re ill, you don’t have choice) to pay for the treatment themselves, through creating deliberately flawed systems that force people to wait in line, and in that risking their health.

And obviously all that will not happen. Because money will not be the problem, and no one will accept flawed management structures, as the objective will be to do what’s best for all. Therefore the management will also have to be best for all.

And if you think that there will not be enough people who will be taking care of certain jobs in an Equal Money System – consider that a lot of jobs especially in terms of trade (which is our current way of redistribution of goods) will not be necessary, as I’ve described above. Places like shops could be big malls, where people help themselves (it’s already well established), and that will require work is transportation of goods, and sorting them out so that people will be able to ‘buy’ them. And then just an automatic way of creating a digital record of all the transactions through the card everyone would be wearing. So that the cashier’s work would be done by each one individually. And we will as in all other areas look for ways to do what is best for all – which here would mean to make it more user friendly and automated.  

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