Thursday, November 24, 2011

Will people need a diploma before buying a pet? -- Equal Money System FAQ

Will people required a diploma/certificate before buying a pet/animal? Well let’s look at all the most relevant aspects of the situation and how we can approach to solve it with common sense. The relevant points here would be the following (I will do it in a short question and answer format to display the point).

Q: Are there things about taking care of animals that we do not know?
A: Obviously there are.

Q: Do certain animals require different care?
A: Yes they do, thus different knowledge is required to be obtained about what care they need.

Q: Are we able to learn such facts about taking care of animals by ourselves?
A: Basically yes in terms of theory as information, thus it might be incomplete if we do it by ourselves, and it isn’t the most effective way to handle this.

Q: Is it faster to learn the facts about taking care of animals in a course or school?
A: Yes.

Q: Is it a risk for the animal, and a possibility of unintended abuse if people do not learn about how to take care of them properly?
A: Yes, it is a risk.

Q: Can a fact that someone don’t know how to take care of animals be used as an excuse to abuse the animal and later on say ‘I didn’t knew that’?
A: Yes, lack of education about how to take care about an animal creates a possibility to abuse it as an excuse.

Q: What can be the consequence of someone not taking care of their animal properly?
A: There’s a very wide range of consequence, and almost all are harmful for the animal, like: malnutrition, bad physical development, infections, pain, weakness, psychological trauma (yes animals also have these), illnesses, but even disability or death.

Q: Is not setting up a system to educate people about how to take care of animals – while it’s possible, because money doesn’t limit us – is abusive?
A: Yes, to not set up such a system without which harm can happen, while we can easily and know how to do so is to allow abuse – because we can prevent it, and not preventing it while we can and know the consequence is abusive.

So as you can see, there are some issues arising when looking at the point of people not being educated about the animal they are taking care of. Both from a perspective of wanting to take care of your animal in the best way, and from the perspective of people that are ignorant and might abuse the animal. I mean, take into consideration the main point, and the context of what I am saying when saying that a diploma/certificate would be required from people to have animals – I am not talking about the current system, where certificates and education costs money. I am talking about totally free education here, that would be simply there for the best of all the animals and humans beings as well. So that people are able to take care of their animals properly as they will be required to – because animal abuse won’t be tolerated.

Therefore in an Equal Money System there will be education available for free, for people who want to take care of an animal. So that both are able to live the best way possible, and to make sure no harm is done intentionally and unintentionally in anyway. And for that purpose there will be a requirement for all people to learn about taking care of the animal they are willing to take care of.

This will come through a democratic decision in the future where all people will participate, and with taking into consideration all the facts – they will make such a decision, because that is what would be best for all in this situation. Because this is what you would want for your pet, and for yourself , as well as that is what your pet would like both for you and for itself. To be taken care in the best possible way – that’s common sense. And the way to bring it forth is to create a possibility and requirement for proper education of the human, who’s role here is as the custodian and the care taker. So the best and common sensical thing to do here, is to make sure everyone is aware and educated about their responsibilities to prevent harm, and create the best possible life for all.

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