Friday, November 25, 2011

Will we all live in identical little boxes? -- Equal Money System FAQ

Will we all live in identical little boxes in an Equal Money System? No. To understand how that will work let’s have a look at it and look at some points that require to be considered when we are talking about housing. Firstly let’s clarify one thing – equality doesn’t mean ‘everyone get’s the same amount of everything’, because that would be simply stupid. What I mean by that, is that everyone won’t get EXACTLY the same things, but rather will have equal access to all that is available. Therefore what each one will actually have, and what one will use – as well as in what house one would choose to live – would be based on someone’s needs, requirements and thus choice.

Therefore for instance – when we’re talking about housing the houses will be distributed by this principle. You will simply choose a house that would suit your needs. And in that remember, that you will have to take care of your house, and keep it clean yourself (as there will be no slaves and no one will clean your house for money) therefore you will not really want a bigger house then you actually require. Obviously – because it would require more work to take care of it, therefore it will be a decision that will be related to practicality more then anything else. Which may cause houses to become smaller and practical.

Houses in themselves will not be a form of wealth – as it is currently. They will be what you will choose to live in to meet your needs. And obviously we will be using what is here already, so we will use the houses that are available at first, as well as building new houses necessary. And in regards to building new houses, Equal Money System will be able to embrace any betterment in how a house can be built. So in this the way we build houses will become innovated pretty fast, and I would see that as something that can be expected to happen. Because the innovations that currently are stopped because it might cause some to lose profit, and others to lose jobs – will be completely embraced in the Equal Money System as something that simply makes our lives easier and better.

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