Thursday, December 29, 2011

Being homeless in Hungary is now a crime

The Hungarian government has passed a law making homelessness a crime (here is a link to a short article written about the topic). What that means in essence is that not having money – is a crime. It is exactly how it sounds – not having money, is a crime. Because according to this article we can read, that people who are homeless will have to pay a fine or be arrested if they do not listen to the first warning and.. disappear? Or maybe die somewhere alone – just die where they don’t disturb those who have money? And however is that insane – it is a fact, a law that have been agreed to by the government.

And it’s not that being without money has became a crime just now – no. Having no money has been a crime in many ways already. Thus, it has been so in a less direct way, where there was a directive choice, decision or action that has been connected directly to committing the crime. Like for instance robbery to feed your family that don’t have food – that is a crime, yet it is something ethical in the context of the family starving. To leave your family starving is not ethical, so the person decides to risk his freedom to feed his family. Is it smart? – no. But is it a crime, in the sense of a deliberate attack against something or someone that is alive? – no. It is simply an act of desperation that is a result of the money system we’re living in currently. There are a few more situations where not having money is a crime. Other example would be someone that works illegally, just because he didn’t found a job that he could’ve done legally – for the same reason to support himself, or/and his family. It’s the same story – but this time nobody is even harmed financially. Now it’s just the government is not having a cut on the money – is that harmful? Well the question should be asked first, can the government support this person to find a legal job? Because if not, then the government wants the man to lose his house or starve in spite of being able to work, just because the work isn’t taxed? Is that ethical to harm yourself, or your family just for the sake of paying taxes? Obviously not. And what if the man has ended up on the street because of not working illegally or being charged because of working illegally, then (if he lives in Hungary) – he is then again committing a crime, because he’s homeless? It’s getting more and more bizzare, and in the same time clearer how money is the measure of your rights, and that life (human or otherwise) is worth as much as the money you are able to generate.

This just shows how the insanity in the decisions of governments is getting clearer now, as the ways of the monetary system are not really working the way they ‘should’. More and more cuts in expenses on the people that already have less happens all around the world. It’s being called ‘the crisis’ – but what it really happening, is that this system doesn’t work. The saddest thing in this all, is that those who are poor already, will have to suffer a long time, till it hits those who are currently safe, because at the time the middleclass will start to suffer and will be determined to do something about it, those that are currently the poor of the world – will be totally fucked.

Yet, there is a solution, and it’s not a magical one. It’s actually nothing that is hard, or complicated in anyway whatsoever, even though you might not heard of it yet. it’s an Equal Money System – and even though the tendency is when we hear a new name, we to attach it to some organization, to certain people, to something separate from us – I would ask you to consider that the Equal Money System is not something like that. It’s not some kind of order that some people want to impose on others. It’s simply the most practical way, in which we can establish the world, that is best for all life (including animals, human and plant).

Read about it and check out the material about the Equal Money System. And keep in mind that it’s not a ‘set’ system, because Equal Money is about real democracy – therefore all will decide what and how it eventually be like. Yet, what it will be all about, is that it will be based on the principle of ‘what is best for all life’ – which will be the main principle and the law of the system (which is something to which most would agree). And based on that we are able to look at what would be actually best for all life, and how we would be able to organize such a system, while being aware of the physical movement, limitation and practical actions required for functioning of such a system. Research the Equal Money System, and investigate with us, how to create and bring into being a functional economic structure, that would work for all. It is extensive – yes, but who else is going to do it then us, normal folks that constitute the society.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

No more ‘pledge of allegiance to the flag’, pledge allegiance to LIFE instead -- Equal Money System FAQ

No more ‘pledge of allegiance to the flag’ in American classrooms, and no more any ‘pledge of allegiance to any symbol, object or idea that is nationalistic in nature. None of that will happen in an Equal Money System, and we instead will pledge allegiance to life, as we will recognize the true value within ourselves and all other living beings that are here, and that this value of life is the only real and relevant value that shouldn’t ever be compromised. And we actually all know that already in one way or another – we just call it differently, but the principle of life and treating all living beings with care and respect is the most basic and obvious thing to do.

Now why will there be no allegiance to the flag in the Equal Money System? Well, because nations, and the whole idea of national identity and the perception of a nation as a group is in it’s basis flawed. And because of this idea of nations, of being different we’ve allowed ourselves to create bullshit like wars, and discrimination based on the fact that someone lives in a different area then we do (or they were born in a different area). The whole concept of nationalism, and of nationalistic values is actually separation, that has been brought in this world to the extreme of fighting wars between nations. It’s hard to express even the level of stupidity and absolute disregard for life, as a total lack of empathy that participation in wars require. But wars are based on an ideological separation which’s root is the nationalistic identity. Same with racism, and discrimination – it’s all based on the same point.

The programming of nationalistic identity within schools, is done through constantly repeating same shit over and over again till children actually start to believe it – as it’s present all around them, and thus they accept it as a normal part of life. I don’t know about you – but I personally was quite sick of the nationalistic programming in school in terms of constantly dealing with it, especially in national language lessons. That was pretty annoying to me back then, because I was taught to write and interpret stuff according to some kind of nationalistic view point – while that whole idea of national identity was pure bullshit for me. Because for me it meant nothing more then being born somewhere. I mean, I’m not different then anyone else. So what’s the point? Now I see it clearly as bullshit, that is there to create an idea of identity within a group. And I’m really not cool with children being exposed to that bullshit constantly in schools.

I mean if something supports things like discrimination, and wars – shouldn’t it be investigated that there MAYBE is something wrong with that? Just maybe? It’s pure bullshit, that for ages has been used to move people to fight between themselves and to push people to go to war more willingly (religion was used in the same way, but that’s another topic).
So, all the pledges of allegiance to nationality, and all sorts of symbols and ideas within an Equal Money System will be gone from school. There will be no more brainwashing of children so that they can be good slaves that are able to kill each other. I mean what kind of brainwashing is that? Seriously – to kill another just because there’s apparently a war going on, and it’s in the interest of the country? I’m sure that it’s not in the interest of the soldiers from both of the sides, and their families as well. So WTF is going on here? I mean all the participants and their families do not want to go to war, die, got disabled, hurt and do that to others – but they do that? I mean think for a moment – it’s freaking insane?! And it’s based on brainwashing people through programming a national identity. So that hey end up believing that they are somehow separate from people from other nations. Pretty scary and fucked up shit that must stop, and will stop. Because a decently educated population of people, that would actually get a proper education and support, wouldn’t allow such an atrocity going on. And in an Equal Money System people will be educated in schools and not brainwashed – so wars will end with ending the programming of national identity. Instead we will learn to recognize life in every other living being as ourselves, and learn how to properly take care of and support ourselves and other living things.

Monday, December 12, 2011

No more tiger hunts -- Equal Money System FAQ

This topic is quite a simple one, because tiger hunts happen because of 3 reasons basically. One of them is money, the second is ego and the third is fear. Now since I’m writing about the topic I’ll expand on all free of them from a perspective of the Equal Money System to describe it based on this example.

So let’s look at the first reason why tiger hunts happen, and the reason number one – is money. Money in terms of selling tiger parts that are perceived as precious goods (like tiger skin) and also tiger parts that are believed to have specific qualities as talismans, have ritualistic value or because they are used as part of the traditional medicine. In wikipedia we can read about how many uses and how many parts of a tiger have been used  in this way within the Chinese culture – the list is quite impressive. Which shows us that the money that is being made on tiger hunts is actually based on ideas and ego basically, because practically most of those reasons for killing tigers (on which money can be made on black markets) are simply delusional. So in fact, there is no practicality behind killing these animals in regards of money. The money that is being paid for those who are willing to hunt tigers is generally paid for delusional reasons, that are mostly just beliefs – and nothing more.

Now except money – there are also two other reasons why tigers have been hunted so much. Which is fear and ego. Fear – because people feared animals that could overpower them, and simply attack them, also because they feared they might attack their farm animals etc. Though It’s hard to talk about that today as the population of tigers is so small that those things basically do not happen, and these animals rather stay as far as possible from the human.

The last reason why tigers have been hunted so extensively, and people still do so – is to inflate ego. People have been killing such animals like tigers throughout history to be respected by others in many cultures. Because tigers have been feared, because they are predators that are able to overpower a human being. So as far as I understood from what I’ve read about it, this killing tigers to ‘prove something’ (which is just ego) has been the main reason for killing the tigers. Which is like totally fucked up – to kill other beings (risking your life while doing it) just to prove yourself worthy to yourself and others. That actually indicates extreme inferiority complexes, and the ‘small dick’ syndrome – trying to mentally increase the size of one’s penis through abusing weaker beings.

So to sum up this whole phenomena in the context of the Equal Money System – tiger hunts will not exist. Why? Because there is no real reasons to do that. As within looking at the three factors of why they are happening right now it is mainly just ego. Both the money thing, is caused by people’s beliefs, and ideas – which is ego. The killing for trophies, and to prove something is caused by psychological issues (mostly because of trying to suppress inferiority) – where people get to a point where they abuse weaker beings, just to feed their sick ideas of themselves to prove some delusional bullshit. That will not be tolerated in the Equal Money System. We will have something very cool coming up soon, which will be a way to measure someone’s psychological state through a diagnostic machine, which will show such points that can cause people to go to such extreme forms of abuse just to try to ‘fill’ something that they believe they lack. So people before falling into such psychotic states will actually be diagnosed, and will be provided with the best possible support – so that they can actually resolve the issues that cause psychological imbalances within them, so they can support themselves to live a fulfilled life – and they won’t feel a need to abuse other living beings just to prove something to their messed up perception of themselves and the world.

In terms of beliefs – meaning the ritualistic and medicine usage of tiger parts – there’s quite a revolution coming with an Equal Money System. Because finally, for the first time, we will all get equally educated. And we will be allowed to research whatever we will like. We will be all scientists exploring our reality. So a lot of beliefs will simply stop. Religions will also become less and less, and will cease to exist. I mean ask yourself the question now – would the priests do their jobs, if they don’t get paid? In Equal Money all will have access to what they need. Therefore people will do things because they enjoy them, and because that is best for all. In the Equal Money System nobody will need charity, or ‘fixing’, or a belief to hold to just to carry on through your life. You will be able to live, express and explore. Freely, through giving equal freedom to all living things. So beLIEfs, will be realized for what they are – as lies where we accept something as a fact without actually investigating it. So the abuse of animals from the point of beliefs will cease to happen as well.

In terms of fear, and how tigers have been killed by people out of fear. There are to faces of this here. One is the irrational fear, where people simply get paranoid because of the fear, and abuse the animals. The other is to protect self, and do not allow a tiger to attack and abuse us. This will obviously be looked at. Currently this doesn’t really happen to much, because the number of tigers is really small. But I am not in a stance to say much about the ways tigers act towards areas populated by people etc. So this topic will simply be assessed by people, with the feedback and support of those who actually study these animals and their behaviors, within taking into consideration all the known facts to establish a solution that will be best for all and will prevent any form of abuse to any living being. Taking in consideration both, the tiger and the human.

Friday, December 2, 2011

No more law of attraction in an Equal Money System -- Equal Money System FAQ

Law of attraction has been an idea that lately has been heavily promoted with the release of ‘The Secret’. And many people actually heard about the law of attraction from  the movie. But it has ‘been around’ for quite a while. It has been a motive that has came up in many esoteric teachings, and from channels around the world. And the channel that promotes the law of attraction and calls it specifically by this name is Abraham Hicks. I say that because the idea that ‘like attracts like’ has been repeated over and over again, and is basically a premise of the whole point of ‘think positive -- and you’ll get whatever you wish for’, which is the basis of the law of attraction.

Now the law of attraction obviously takes that kind of thinking a bit further, like if you listen to Abraham Hicks channelings you will hear that you should basically only think about what you want to get and aquire, and that you should also have pictures with things you wish in display in your room etc. The basic premise of the law of attraction is: whatever you think, manifests your reality. And that thoughts are vibrations that work like magnets but in an opposite ways to magnets --you attract that what you’re thinking. So basically whatever you’ll think about -- you will experience, get etc. Therefore the main premise in that is to try and control your thoughts, and try to only think and experience the ‘positive stuff’.

Now when we’re talking about the law of attraction within the context of the money system – we are exactly at the spot we should be looking at. Because the law of attraction totally ignores this. As the gurus that present it portray reality as infinitely abundant -- meaning that whatever you get ‘through’ the law of attraction -- is there for you, and that you’re not getting that in expense of another. It is spoken often by Abraham Hicks for instance, that this kind of ‘mentality’ is induced by religions to cause guilt in people and to limit them to become infinitely abundant.

All this is simply bollocks, because we live in a world of consequence, and we know that very well. That is why we tend to blame others and feel guilty. Because we understand that at some point, yet we tend to get lost in our minds, which is causing us to get trapped in such feelings like guilt. It indeed is enslaving (guilt) but it doesn’t mean that we don’t live in a space-time reality, where we affect one another. This is obvious common sense. This is the basic of mathematics and physics, and any other science -- that is what is the basic laws in our reality -- it is causality.

So in realizing this, let’s jump back to the existence of the law of attraction in the context of an economic system as it exists currently. Our system is based on competition, which is profit and loss. It is the very mechanism creating winners and loosers. Now within that we can clearly see that some have much, much, much more then what they require, and some have to little, and some have nothing -- and die cause of disease and hunger. We can clearly see that within this the law of attraction is actually a philosophy sold to those able to strive for their profit, so that they can feel ‘free form guilt’. It is actually a religion for the rich, through which they can try and convince themselves that what they have had no consequence on others – so that they can freely compete and be greedy, and justify it with infinite ‘abundance of the universe’.

So if we look at that -- we can see that the law of attraction, is actually a product of capitalism -- a product of profit and loss. It’s a religion for the rich, through which they can suppress the guilt they might experience, and through which they can become as competitive and merciless in the system. Because they won’t consider who they are actually harming indirectly through what they are doing.

So obviously in an Equal Money System -- there will be no such thing as the law of attraction, because it won’t be necessary. You won’t have to make up excuses and religions or philosophies to feel better about harming others. You will be able to get all you require, and you will be able to have fun WITHOUT hurting or harming anyone. And competition will be more about fun (as sports and games) and about checking out who’s best fitted for a certain job. Competition won’t be any more about harming one another through survival games of win and lose -- which is the basis of our current system. And so there will be no ‘need’ to try and ‘manifest your desires’ as you will be able to fulfill them without doing harm to other living beings.

So Equal Money will be the end of the law of attraction, and a birth of common sense consideration of all living things. We will actually consider what and who we’re harming within taking any decision. And the basic principle will be what is best for all, so that the harm we will cause while living on a planet that is full of life -- will be as small as possible. And thus we will be free through giving equal freedom to all life -- and in that we won’t need excuses, we will simply take responsibility and we won’t have to go through the whole unnecessary turmoil of guilt, or trying to suppress it.