Thursday, December 29, 2011

Being homeless in Hungary is now a crime

The Hungarian government has passed a law making homelessness a crime (here is a link to a short article written about the topic). What that means in essence is that not having money – is a crime. It is exactly how it sounds – not having money, is a crime. Because according to this article we can read, that people who are homeless will have to pay a fine or be arrested if they do not listen to the first warning and.. disappear? Or maybe die somewhere alone – just die where they don’t disturb those who have money? And however is that insane – it is a fact, a law that have been agreed to by the government.

And it’s not that being without money has became a crime just now – no. Having no money has been a crime in many ways already. Thus, it has been so in a less direct way, where there was a directive choice, decision or action that has been connected directly to committing the crime. Like for instance robbery to feed your family that don’t have food – that is a crime, yet it is something ethical in the context of the family starving. To leave your family starving is not ethical, so the person decides to risk his freedom to feed his family. Is it smart? – no. But is it a crime, in the sense of a deliberate attack against something or someone that is alive? – no. It is simply an act of desperation that is a result of the money system we’re living in currently. There are a few more situations where not having money is a crime. Other example would be someone that works illegally, just because he didn’t found a job that he could’ve done legally – for the same reason to support himself, or/and his family. It’s the same story – but this time nobody is even harmed financially. Now it’s just the government is not having a cut on the money – is that harmful? Well the question should be asked first, can the government support this person to find a legal job? Because if not, then the government wants the man to lose his house or starve in spite of being able to work, just because the work isn’t taxed? Is that ethical to harm yourself, or your family just for the sake of paying taxes? Obviously not. And what if the man has ended up on the street because of not working illegally or being charged because of working illegally, then (if he lives in Hungary) – he is then again committing a crime, because he’s homeless? It’s getting more and more bizzare, and in the same time clearer how money is the measure of your rights, and that life (human or otherwise) is worth as much as the money you are able to generate.

This just shows how the insanity in the decisions of governments is getting clearer now, as the ways of the monetary system are not really working the way they ‘should’. More and more cuts in expenses on the people that already have less happens all around the world. It’s being called ‘the crisis’ – but what it really happening, is that this system doesn’t work. The saddest thing in this all, is that those who are poor already, will have to suffer a long time, till it hits those who are currently safe, because at the time the middleclass will start to suffer and will be determined to do something about it, those that are currently the poor of the world – will be totally fucked.

Yet, there is a solution, and it’s not a magical one. It’s actually nothing that is hard, or complicated in anyway whatsoever, even though you might not heard of it yet. it’s an Equal Money System – and even though the tendency is when we hear a new name, we to attach it to some organization, to certain people, to something separate from us – I would ask you to consider that the Equal Money System is not something like that. It’s not some kind of order that some people want to impose on others. It’s simply the most practical way, in which we can establish the world, that is best for all life (including animals, human and plant).

Read about it and check out the material about the Equal Money System. And keep in mind that it’s not a ‘set’ system, because Equal Money is about real democracy – therefore all will decide what and how it eventually be like. Yet, what it will be all about, is that it will be based on the principle of ‘what is best for all life’ – which will be the main principle and the law of the system (which is something to which most would agree). And based on that we are able to look at what would be actually best for all life, and how we would be able to organize such a system, while being aware of the physical movement, limitation and practical actions required for functioning of such a system. Research the Equal Money System, and investigate with us, how to create and bring into being a functional economic structure, that would work for all. It is extensive – yes, but who else is going to do it then us, normal folks that constitute the society.

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