Wednesday, December 21, 2011

No more ‘pledge of allegiance to the flag’, pledge allegiance to LIFE instead -- Equal Money System FAQ

No more ‘pledge of allegiance to the flag’ in American classrooms, and no more any ‘pledge of allegiance to any symbol, object or idea that is nationalistic in nature. None of that will happen in an Equal Money System, and we instead will pledge allegiance to life, as we will recognize the true value within ourselves and all other living beings that are here, and that this value of life is the only real and relevant value that shouldn’t ever be compromised. And we actually all know that already in one way or another – we just call it differently, but the principle of life and treating all living beings with care and respect is the most basic and obvious thing to do.

Now why will there be no allegiance to the flag in the Equal Money System? Well, because nations, and the whole idea of national identity and the perception of a nation as a group is in it’s basis flawed. And because of this idea of nations, of being different we’ve allowed ourselves to create bullshit like wars, and discrimination based on the fact that someone lives in a different area then we do (or they were born in a different area). The whole concept of nationalism, and of nationalistic values is actually separation, that has been brought in this world to the extreme of fighting wars between nations. It’s hard to express even the level of stupidity and absolute disregard for life, as a total lack of empathy that participation in wars require. But wars are based on an ideological separation which’s root is the nationalistic identity. Same with racism, and discrimination – it’s all based on the same point.

The programming of nationalistic identity within schools, is done through constantly repeating same shit over and over again till children actually start to believe it – as it’s present all around them, and thus they accept it as a normal part of life. I don’t know about you – but I personally was quite sick of the nationalistic programming in school in terms of constantly dealing with it, especially in national language lessons. That was pretty annoying to me back then, because I was taught to write and interpret stuff according to some kind of nationalistic view point – while that whole idea of national identity was pure bullshit for me. Because for me it meant nothing more then being born somewhere. I mean, I’m not different then anyone else. So what’s the point? Now I see it clearly as bullshit, that is there to create an idea of identity within a group. And I’m really not cool with children being exposed to that bullshit constantly in schools.

I mean if something supports things like discrimination, and wars – shouldn’t it be investigated that there MAYBE is something wrong with that? Just maybe? It’s pure bullshit, that for ages has been used to move people to fight between themselves and to push people to go to war more willingly (religion was used in the same way, but that’s another topic).
So, all the pledges of allegiance to nationality, and all sorts of symbols and ideas within an Equal Money System will be gone from school. There will be no more brainwashing of children so that they can be good slaves that are able to kill each other. I mean what kind of brainwashing is that? Seriously – to kill another just because there’s apparently a war going on, and it’s in the interest of the country? I’m sure that it’s not in the interest of the soldiers from both of the sides, and their families as well. So WTF is going on here? I mean all the participants and their families do not want to go to war, die, got disabled, hurt and do that to others – but they do that? I mean think for a moment – it’s freaking insane?! And it’s based on brainwashing people through programming a national identity. So that hey end up believing that they are somehow separate from people from other nations. Pretty scary and fucked up shit that must stop, and will stop. Because a decently educated population of people, that would actually get a proper education and support, wouldn’t allow such an atrocity going on. And in an Equal Money System people will be educated in schools and not brainwashed – so wars will end with ending the programming of national identity. Instead we will learn to recognize life in every other living being as ourselves, and learn how to properly take care of and support ourselves and other living things.

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