Monday, December 12, 2011

No more tiger hunts -- Equal Money System FAQ

This topic is quite a simple one, because tiger hunts happen because of 3 reasons basically. One of them is money, the second is ego and the third is fear. Now since I’m writing about the topic I’ll expand on all free of them from a perspective of the Equal Money System to describe it based on this example.

So let’s look at the first reason why tiger hunts happen, and the reason number one – is money. Money in terms of selling tiger parts that are perceived as precious goods (like tiger skin) and also tiger parts that are believed to have specific qualities as talismans, have ritualistic value or because they are used as part of the traditional medicine. In wikipedia we can read about how many uses and how many parts of a tiger have been used  in this way within the Chinese culture – the list is quite impressive. Which shows us that the money that is being made on tiger hunts is actually based on ideas and ego basically, because practically most of those reasons for killing tigers (on which money can be made on black markets) are simply delusional. So in fact, there is no practicality behind killing these animals in regards of money. The money that is being paid for those who are willing to hunt tigers is generally paid for delusional reasons, that are mostly just beliefs – and nothing more.

Now except money – there are also two other reasons why tigers have been hunted so much. Which is fear and ego. Fear – because people feared animals that could overpower them, and simply attack them, also because they feared they might attack their farm animals etc. Though It’s hard to talk about that today as the population of tigers is so small that those things basically do not happen, and these animals rather stay as far as possible from the human.

The last reason why tigers have been hunted so extensively, and people still do so – is to inflate ego. People have been killing such animals like tigers throughout history to be respected by others in many cultures. Because tigers have been feared, because they are predators that are able to overpower a human being. So as far as I understood from what I’ve read about it, this killing tigers to ‘prove something’ (which is just ego) has been the main reason for killing the tigers. Which is like totally fucked up – to kill other beings (risking your life while doing it) just to prove yourself worthy to yourself and others. That actually indicates extreme inferiority complexes, and the ‘small dick’ syndrome – trying to mentally increase the size of one’s penis through abusing weaker beings.

So to sum up this whole phenomena in the context of the Equal Money System – tiger hunts will not exist. Why? Because there is no real reasons to do that. As within looking at the three factors of why they are happening right now it is mainly just ego. Both the money thing, is caused by people’s beliefs, and ideas – which is ego. The killing for trophies, and to prove something is caused by psychological issues (mostly because of trying to suppress inferiority) – where people get to a point where they abuse weaker beings, just to feed their sick ideas of themselves to prove some delusional bullshit. That will not be tolerated in the Equal Money System. We will have something very cool coming up soon, which will be a way to measure someone’s psychological state through a diagnostic machine, which will show such points that can cause people to go to such extreme forms of abuse just to try to ‘fill’ something that they believe they lack. So people before falling into such psychotic states will actually be diagnosed, and will be provided with the best possible support – so that they can actually resolve the issues that cause psychological imbalances within them, so they can support themselves to live a fulfilled life – and they won’t feel a need to abuse other living beings just to prove something to their messed up perception of themselves and the world.

In terms of beliefs – meaning the ritualistic and medicine usage of tiger parts – there’s quite a revolution coming with an Equal Money System. Because finally, for the first time, we will all get equally educated. And we will be allowed to research whatever we will like. We will be all scientists exploring our reality. So a lot of beliefs will simply stop. Religions will also become less and less, and will cease to exist. I mean ask yourself the question now – would the priests do their jobs, if they don’t get paid? In Equal Money all will have access to what they need. Therefore people will do things because they enjoy them, and because that is best for all. In the Equal Money System nobody will need charity, or ‘fixing’, or a belief to hold to just to carry on through your life. You will be able to live, express and explore. Freely, through giving equal freedom to all living things. So beLIEfs, will be realized for what they are – as lies where we accept something as a fact without actually investigating it. So the abuse of animals from the point of beliefs will cease to happen as well.

In terms of fear, and how tigers have been killed by people out of fear. There are to faces of this here. One is the irrational fear, where people simply get paranoid because of the fear, and abuse the animals. The other is to protect self, and do not allow a tiger to attack and abuse us. This will obviously be looked at. Currently this doesn’t really happen to much, because the number of tigers is really small. But I am not in a stance to say much about the ways tigers act towards areas populated by people etc. So this topic will simply be assessed by people, with the feedback and support of those who actually study these animals and their behaviors, within taking into consideration all the known facts to establish a solution that will be best for all and will prevent any form of abuse to any living being. Taking in consideration both, the tiger and the human.

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