Friday, January 13, 2012

No more defense mechanisms in an Equal Money System – FAQ

Defense mechanism is a term primarily coming from psychology, but probably most people would have at least one example of a defense mechanism popping up in their head, when hearing the term – and it would more or less probably still fit the definition of defense mechanism. I’m saying that, because we face many situations in everyday life where we face examples of defense mechanisms of others or our own, or even see it in completely different areas, like for instance animals having specific behavioral defense mechanisms that they use to survive a confrontation with a predator. In essence defense mechanisms are behavioral or psychological (and often mixture of both) patterns of reactionary behaviors or/and mental processes.

 Now, the topic of this writing is the end of the whole phenomena of defense mechanism in an Equal Money System. And if you’ve studied and followed what the Equal Money System is, you will already realize how the implementation of an Equal Money System will lower the fear of survival factor, in all areas of life, and for living beings generally – and thus it will obviously cause defense mechanisms to become for a very big part useless. And if they will become useless, then the best way to live would be to actually live, and not be so much concerned about defending yourself. And if you find that a bit ‘too much positive attitude’, and that people will not change so easily – have a look at the following. Defense mechanisms are coming from the initial danger that is there. They are all a response to living within an environment where there is a threat against which defense is required. Thus, we are practically, constantly building up all kinds of defenses against what can happen, because we are aware such things can happen. And it is both the physical practical ones (like hitting someone back when we get hit), or the psychological ones, where we are for instance fearing being honest to someone, because they can take advantage of that, or where we are constantly ready to being attacked in some way by someone and in that, being ready to respond to that verbal attack in a similar way. Now have a look at the following – in the past, it was a normal thing that people would fortify their towns or villages – because there was always a threat of some other unknown or rival tribe attacking them for instance. People used to travel with having a sword or a gun by their belt all the time, or even wearing armor if we’re talking about medieval times. You can obviously go forth with that and research history on this point of defenses that people have been setting up – because there was a threat existent, and how many of such defenses became non-existent.. 

Obviously now many of those things seems pretty silly. And the reason why is that – is because the threats have changed. Therefore we no longer require a defense mechanism like that. It simply became obsolete as the situation changed. And that is exactly what will happen to all defense mechanisms in an Equal Money System through time. When the threat will be dealt with – the defense mechanism will become useless, and will die out naturally. So for instance the first generation living under the Equal Money System will still have the remembrance of living in a system where money and goods are scarce – therefore they will still have certain defense mechanisms within them that will require to be released, but may be there till the rest of their lives to the point of fearing poverty or lack. But the new generation of children might see that as something surreal or bizarre, because for them it will be simply something from a history book. 

And the same goes with any other threat that exists. If we’re talking about defense mechanisms towards people, like fearing to be verbally attacked, or judged, or being abused in some way. It all depends on the threat that is existent. When we’ll be able to get rid of some of the threats that we currently have (like the economic one) we will move on with working on other threats. And we will intensively look at prevention of any kinds and forms of abuse. So that we can stop such things in very early stages, so that people won’t have to develop defense mechanisms, and all kinds of issues that will later on cause them to have irrational fears or anxieties. It will all be part of the process we will all take part in, after establishing Equal Money. So that we can actually live a life with minimized threats, and where all forms of mental disorders where people go into abusing others around them, will be sorted out when happening, and hopefully prevented before any serious harm is done. And that’s how – we’ll get rid of the threats, and with getting rid of the threats we’ll get rid of the defense mechanisms that we develop because of the threats that we try to defend ourselves from.

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