Saturday, January 7, 2012

No more family drama! About nothing – Equal Money System FAQ

According to my understanding of the phrase family drama – it stands for troublesome situations and problems within the family in relation to the family that are created out of thin air – meaning that it is blowing things out of proportion, and through reactions of the family members making nothing into a big deal, or when facing a real problem – making it worse through the same process. I’m starting with my definition of the phrase, because it seems to be quit a new phrase in use, and I haven’t been able to find an exact and precise definition of it.

What family drama has to do with money? And also what does it has to do with the change of the money system to a system of equality? Well, basically the family unit currently functions as a survival unit – we no longer live in ‘packs’ as animals do, we now have families, and family connections serve the same purpose. So the underlying function of the family is survival. And because there is such an underlying cause as survival, it causes people to suppress all kinds of reactions and prevents them from expressing themselves, because of the point of survival. Meaning that people just ‘shut their mouths’, because it’s easier to just ’get by’ and accept whatever is coming their way from and within the family, because that way they will have support and won’t risk losing it.

Now in terms of why and how all kinds of family drama is created – it is because the suppressed stuff (that I have just mentioned) has to have an outflow somewhere. So all the reactions, suppressed emotions, feelings of blame, jealousy etc. etc. etc. that is accumulated within family members, because they suppress it because they know that they have to depend on their family, because it’s their base survival unit – is simply having an outflow in situations of family drama. In such moments all the suppressed stuff gets an opportunity to ‘get out’ in a way that is somehow justified. It’s actually no different to any kind of suppression, it all works in the same way – the suppressed stuff will find another way of ‘getting out’.

Now, what Equal Money will change in this matter is much wider then just the point of survival, because it will also provide education on the matter, and will change the total environment of the human. But by sticking only to the point that I’ve taken on to write about in this blog – the survival point, that is underlying the functioning of family will be out of the picture. Meaning that people won’t ‘have to’ accept certain points, because they will be able to live themselves. Obviously children will still require care, but after a certain age people will be able to just live by themselves, and won’t have to live with family members that are harming them through not dealing with their own problems. And also the whole survival thing within families – except for taking care of children and family members that are unable to take care of themselves – will change, as people will not be financially dependent on their family members in anyway whatsoever. So people will not just try to keep relations with family members for the sake of survival, and thus therefore the self-suppression just because of survival within families – will be no more. And without the suppressions – that are the fuel of the whole phenomena of family dramas – they will run out of fuel, meaning that the very reason why they happen will be depleted. So it will be stopping the problem in it’s very root, and thus it will bring permanent change, which will be the end of all the unnecessary family drama – which will then become pathological event, and not everyday life.

And also, because the survival will no longer be a matter of family, the underlying function of family will be of support. Not financial support, but real support. Now that is distorted, because the survival overwrites the aspect of support for which the family should be there for. A support between equals, without suppressed emotions, resistances, and gossip – that is the change that the Equal Money System will bring forth to what family is. Investigate what we’re all about, and join the solution, because no one else is going to save the world, or for that matter – destroy it (as in the 2012 prophecies). It has always been only us that has been here, having an impact on what’s here – all of us collectively, and as we’ve managed to create of this world a hell for many and a heaven for few, we could just as well make it into a heaven for everyone and everything.

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