Sunday, January 29, 2012

2012: The supply and demand religion

Ok, so today I would like to introduce you to something that we all heard throughout our lives, and that we all have a basic understanding of – which is the basis of the (so called) free market, which is: supply and demand. The point is quite cool to have a look at to really understand the differentiation between economy in terms of what is really going on with money, goods, services and lives – and economic theories and ideologies.

Supply and demand – if you have some conversations with people who tend to discuss economic subjects and defending this point – is seen as a form of equality on which our economy is based on. What I mean by that, is that it is perceived as some kind of a “natural law” or “natural balance” of “how things work” in this reality in terms that people apparently get paid based on the support that they provide for their fellow citizens. Where for instance one person is a carpenter, and make tables – as it’s his job, and someone else is for instance a dentist that fixes other people teeth and so every job that ‘supplies’ an actual service that there is a ‘demand’ for, is being a part of the process of exchange of goods and services and according to the level of demand for the services or goods he provides – he is getting paid. Which is basically the ideology and the theory of the free market, which entails a sense of “equality” within that – because you’re getting paid according to how you’re ‘supplying’ the ‘demand’, which is nothing else then working towards satisfying the needs of others – therefore should create a state where everyone has a chance, as long as they support their fellow human beings.

In reality this tacitly implied idea of equality that is being carried with the economic ideology of supply and demand is non-existent. Why is that? Well, because people aren’t equal in “the playing field”. What that means? It means that the whole utopian ideology of supply and demand – first of all – doesn’t consider wealth in it’s airy-fairy approach of “work hard, and you’ll succeed”. And I mean, I am not only talking about some having more money then others – that is obvious – what I mean here is that even the resources on our planet are privately owned. So it’s not even that someone has less money then the other guy, and is having problems with starting something themselves – they actually have to buy the resources that in the first place wasn’t owned by no one, as they came from the earth.

And to understand this a bit better, you have to have a look at reality, and how this world functions. Because we tend to believe that money is the most relevant resource in this world (because that is how it seems in our personal lives) – but if we really investigate it to it’s root, it’s nothing more then paper that we just agreed upon as a means of trade. The real value is in work, the real value is in resources, items and services that makes our lives work, makes it comfortable, and give us the ability to eat, be healthy and provide us with what we require to develop and work with things (like tools and equipment). In all this, money is just the exchanging material that is valid only because of the exchange mechanism that we agree upon.

And based on understanding that, have a look now at how the actual values in this world are resources, goods and services – because they are what makes our lives tick. And from that perspective we can notice that the tacitly implied equality in the ideology of supply and demand is fake, as those with wealth, are able to generate more wealth and those without it, are forced to struggle and do whatever they must to get their cut of the resources/services/goods they require – else they aren’t able to live, or are forced to live at a very low or inhumane standard of life. Therefore it is relevant to realize that the ideology of supply and demand of how apparently everything works together in unison, has nothing to do with reality, as it creates a fake tacitly implied idea of equality through labor while not considering resources in that at all. It’s also pretty funny that the ideology of capitalism is based on the same idea as the communistic ideology which is that we can be equal through labor – isn’t it? But going back to the discussion, this utopian idea of supply and demand and how it ‘should’ work apparently doesn’t consider resources, which come from the earth – meaning everyone has equal rights to them. Which reveals the scam and the flaw that this ideology approves of when practically applied, which seems to not be taken in consideration when people approach supply and demand ideologically – instead of how it actually works in fact and what it practically implies.

Currently resources are privately owned – meaning that we’re not equal, and we aren’t able to equalize ourselves through labor in capitalism. Some may get lucky and win a “jackpot” and get to a position of having wealth – then they might see the system as fair. But that’s all just because of the movement of wealth. And in all that, I haven’t even talked about how people have different physical disabilities or dysfunctions, and learning abilities as well. Obviously in our current free market system, based on the ideological concept of supply and demand – such points are deciding about who has a decent life, and who doesn’t. Who can take care of themselves, and who will die. Yes, even though there are some institutions and laws that try to in some way fix some of the flaws in this area – it’s pretty much a very general and flawed way of support. It obviously doesn’t equalize the playing field, it just “support the less fortunate” to a degree. But no one is noticing that they aren’t less fortunate because there is something wrong with them – they are less fortunate because our lives are governed by a cruel system based on a flawed ideology that benefits the egos of some, while sucking others dry, and using them as slaves or let them die – when they aren’t of any use.

In fact this is not an ideological issue, or a religious issue, or an opinion issue, or whatever issue somebody may make out of it – just to deny the reality of what’s going and turn it into an argument (as it has been proven multiple times with responses I’ve seen towards the Equal Money System). This issue that we’re facing is a result of our collective allowance. And don’t get me wrong here – yes, supply and demand is an ideology – but it’s not the problem of the ideology itself that we’re faced with. The ideology is just a way to deceive for some, and for others to deceive themselves, to run away from what we’ve allow to happen every day.

The reality is that people are killed, people are made slaves, people are humiliated and abused – I am not even talking about the animals because this is to extensive to mention here. The reality is that it’s going on constantly and continuously, and there is no ‘easy’ solution that would be just a handy ideology on which we could rebuilt this hell again. We don’t need revolutions through conflict or war, because they doesn’t change anything, and will not change anything (why aren’t we learning from history?). What we require is to actually start considering those that are ‘below us’ in the food chain. What we require is to become self-honest with what we’re doing, what is around us, who we influence, how we contribute to what is going on, how we accept abuse in our lives, how we accept abuse in the world. And then within realizing that step by step, on an individual level – learn to change into a way of living that would be best for all. Many people talk about 2012, new age, ascension and things like that. But we don’t need to ascend, and we don’t have anywhere to ascend to. We already destroy our environment and others in an attempt to run away from this world and our lives, and what we don’t accept or don’t want to see in ourselves. We already create and live within our egos, which are imagined, and made up ideas of ‘who we are’ according to how we create them. We don’t need to ascend, we already are ascended where we are able to have comfort in expense of others – through abusing other life forms, and having slaves. What we require is to become real, and do something with what we’ve been trying to run away from for so long. And that is ourselves, and what we accept in our own lives and in ourselves. Only this way, through self-honesty, we are able to see what is real. And only then in self-honesty, we are able to forgive ourselves for what we’ve accepted and allowed within ourselves, and for what we’ve been a part of in this world.

 Equal Money is not a set system, or something ideologically based. Yes it is not – however someone might see it. Equal Money means equalizing the way of distribution of goods and services. It has nothing to do with ideologies or utopias – which many people accuse it to be. Which is pretty much mind boggling to see, because we currently live in a system based on an ideology of supply and demand, and that ideology as every ideology is utopian in nature, as it’s just a theory. In reality it creates enormous inequality and abuse. And just because this ideology doesn’t work, we believe that it’s unavoidable? Come on, are we that stupid? We base our economic system, the system that govern our life on some theory/ideology of “how it should work”, and it doesn’t work like we want. And then we assume that it’s impossible to do it better? While it’s simple that ideologies cannot work practically, because they are just ideologies. What we need is to really take into consideration the needs of every living being, and create a logistic structure so that everything is taken care of sufficiently. That is Equal Money, it’s a common sense approach to how to practically solve this bowl of shit that is called economy currently. To take out the ideologies, and “talking heads” as politicians, that only make a show – and set up a system through democratic means of finding ways and solutions that would be best for all. Is that a big task? Yes. Is that impossible? No. So what the fuck are we thinking?

I mean, this is really fucked up, and I don’t see any valid reason why we shouldn’t come to an agreement once and for all, and realize that we have the means (internet) to utilize real democracy – where the majority rule is decided by the majority and not by few. It is already technologically possible, to get together and decide on a system not based on ideology. And the solution is simple. It has been proposed for some time by Desteni already. Let’s agree to a principle that is universal. Let’s agree to a principle that is simple and practical, and that benefits all equally. Let’s agree to something most of us already would agree if we haven’t been traumatized by the survival systems of deception and greed. And that is simply practical equality, which is agreeing that every decision should be based on what is BEST FOR ALL – equally. And such a system requires real democracy, so if you’re up for change – and you realize the flawed system that made a prison out of this planet through our own acceptance where we chosen are egos and greed over life – start developing yourself in self-honesty, and learn to forgive yourself, and start again to give yourself a chance and to give everyone and everything else a chance. It’s really up to us, and it has always been up to us. The governments are here, because we don’t want to take self-responsibility, it’s like with children that require governance. We don’t have to live this way, but first we have to realize our equality, stop our grown out of proportion egos and become self-responsible.

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