Saturday, March 24, 2012

2012: Flaws in the design of our economic system - unemployment

This might be just a first part of a series of blogs about the flaws in the very design of the economic system (we’ll see about that in the future). I find it relevant to write about it, because I notice that flaws that are in the very design of the system, are not tackled, challenged, discussed, and because of that they are not being properly understood or considered. Those things seems to be perceived and accepted as ‘beyond’ change, and seems to be forgotten, even though they are present and influence our lives everyday, constantly.

So unemployment according to the definition on means: An economic condition marked by the fact that individuals actively seeking jobs remain unhired. Unemployment is expressed as a percentage of the total available work force. The level of unemployment varies with economic conditions and other circumstances. In other words, it means that unemployment is a countable value that represent people that are able to work, but have no work for one reason or another.

In capitalism and communism unemployment is a problem that requires to be taken care of constantly. The only difference is in how those systems deal with unemployment. In communism it’s the responsibility of the government to create jobs, in capitalism it’s up for the people, to find ways to sell something (and it doesn’t matter how and what – as long as it sells). And here It’s relevant to realize that the very workings of the money system haven’t been re-designed in those two most commonly known and popular models. Relevant, because people tend to connect equality and equalitarianism with communism, which is not what I suggest as a solution, as communism is flawed in the very design and based on the same flawed mechanisms as capitalism.

Now in terms of the nature and cause of unemployment, we must have a look at supply and demand of work. Because it is socially established, that to have an income – one must work. And currently as we have progressed and still progress in terms of technology – we do not require as much labor as in the past to produce things. That technological evolution then is progressively making many jobs obsolete. In other words there is a lower demand for work – simplistically, because it’s not needed. And the tries to solve this problem has caused the creation of consumerism, with all it’s twisted consequences like: overconsumption, planned obsolescence, senseless brainwashing advertisements, cult of perfection/beauty, self-identity and self-value based on possessions (need to change cell phones every year etc.). All those things, had been created and is being fed into people, so that they will through consumption of goods create jobs. All in the name of the ‘greater good’. We allow ourselves and our children to be a subject to constant brainwashing, so that the economic system is able to sustain itself.

Now to keep it short, I will not go into writing in detail about how insane it is to accept a system that isn’t supporting everyone, and is basically ruled by the survival of the fittest (because one can end up on the street, and without food with no support). We sacrifice our own sanity – just to keep such a system alive – as we allow a complete brainwashing on ourselves and our children just for the sake for it to work (all out of fear obviously). But let’s not even look at that, let’s just look at the sustainability of the system from the perspective of our own self-interest – as it’s impossible to over-consume forever, it’s harmful to stop technological advancement that can help people in various situations just for the reasons of job creation, and it’s simply so astonishingly stupid to continue like this. It’s like running around in circles. Which is absolutely pointless, as a system where unemployment is something inherently present in the very design of it - is going to keep us down as a society without a way out striving for survival and ‘something better’ in constant fear. It is IMPOSSIBLE to make such a system work without multiple flaws and drawbacks that will cause senseless suffering that is absolutely unnecessary, and is only a consequence of unreasonable management that is built around using fear as motivation.

Because that is what is the driving factor currently for people that work. They strive for work, because they need money, because if they don’t have money – they have nothing, and will not be protected by anything or anyone. Depending on the country they live in if they have no money, they will only get a certain amount of support – and they can loose their physical health, their psychological health, everything they have, being left without a place to live or any perspectives for the future, and the same happening to their children which is extremely cruel. And even if people don’t consciously, and constantly think about those things happening to them. They know, and they fear that – and are driven by this fear to get a job, and get money, so that they won’t end up like this.

To change that we need a new economic system. And to start approaching such a big task, we should start not only from the perspective of economic numbers, and knowledge that is known in this world about economy. But we must start from understanding what drives us, we must realize how we participate in the system, and how we make it work, as well as all other individual parts currently. Because we cannot change a system based on fear, to a new system if it’s going to be based on fear as well. It’s going to be the same thing with a new name. So to really ‘bite into’ that we must question ourselves, we must be self-honest and look at things as they are. Because currently we fear each other, and we fear for ourselves, and that is the driving force that keeps this system going. And in terms of ‘harvesting’ as a driving force people’s self-interest, ego, and all the fear that exist within us – the current economic system is doing a pretty good job. 

But this kind of living is to put it simply – fucked up. And creates countless problems. As it’s based on avoiding the issues that we face, designed to amplify our egos, and make fools out of us. But that happens because we want to be fooled. And at this rate we’re doing a pretty good job with fooling ourselves, because we live in an unsustainable system, that will be consequentially collapsing and in that process will create great amounts of needless suffering – and while that is what we face as a collective, almost nobody is challenging the system actually, as to challenge the system in fact means to also challenge oneself. Because if the system is only blamed without understanding how we’re taking part in creating it – then the issue is not even being touched at all, and stays absolutely out of reach, not even mentioning the actual changing of it.

So consider that, to change the ‘bigger picture’, we must take on the source of it. The economic structure that is currently set up didn’t came from thin air. It has been shaped by those who have lived within it. So it shows very well who we in fact are. As the current system, shows the nature of it’s creators, as it represents the laws and agreements which consist out of what we accept and allow individually, in a democratic fashion. As what you accept and allow within your life/world is an equal vote which constitute the reality that we create and have power over. And that reality that we have power over are the systems of the humans, where the economic system is the very base/root system that allows us to survive and support ourselves. If you can see the point that I've written about here and would like to look at more closely, or participate in taking on that issue – you might be interested in checking out and – where we as individual people from all around the world are looking at our accepted nature and it’s consequences. And through that looking for ways how to tackle that and in fact change in the direction of what is best for all living things.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

2012: In capitalism life is gambling

We live in a world where billions of people are having problems with feeding themselves. While many people believe that we live in a free world. Why is that? Well mostly those folks are from the richer countries, so it’s not hard to trace where their idea of freedom comes form – yes you’ve probably guessed it, it comes from the money they have in their pockets, and their ability to replenish it steadily. If it weren’t for the money, it would be pretty hard for anyone to believe that they are free, and that they live in a free world.

Now this situation is not something that ‘just is’ as some like to portray it. And it’s not something that can be ‘fixed’ by donating some money to those that lack. This problem cannot be solved in this way, because the very monetary system that we live in is made in such a way. The very design of capitalism is based on lack. It’s based on lack being the motivation. Therefore this very lack, and the fear of it is necessary for the economy to work in the way it’s been designed to work. So – believing that charities will change the world, is based on the lack of understanding of how the system that we live in works. We don’t live in a world where we have a system that is a support foundation based on what is best for all living beings. No – it’s a system that is based on greed (people wanting more) and fear (people fearing to loose everything they have and literally dying). And it seems that we don’t see it at all. It seems that we have so much got into it, that it’s even hard to consider that there is or can be something else. Being pretty much like stuck in a box of conditioning.

But I mean – if there would be any common sense approach accepted collectively – we would invest a lot in of resources into studying how to build up an effective system. And that is not being done. And considering that is almost seen as a form of heresy. Which in itself should at least raise an eyebrow. I mean – we know that our current system is based on the survival of the fittest with a mixture of luck – and we know that those who ‘loose the game’ get really fucked. Yet we don’t try to establish a system that would work. I understand that capitalism works for some – but it doesn’t work for many. How can that be accepted? Why is nobody questioning the political and economic arena and asking – why aren’t we looking for new ways? It’s obvious that we won’t make capitalism work for everyone. Just look at the very basic principle of capitalism. It’s based on getting something at the expense of another. The wealthy countries aren’t just prosperous based on them being ‘awesome’ and only because they are independently strong and able to take care of themselves. It’s pretty much hard, and for many countries impossible to take care of themselves. As to satisfy the needs of people, countries has to trade resources. And most of countries aren’t able to exist just by themselves, and simply require to import resources/products/materials as well as labor. And that isn’t done in a ‘fair’ or equal way. There is a difference in what money is worth in different countries. And therefore, there is a difference in what labor is worth in different countries. And that is being greatly abused in capitalism. And the reason/source of this abuse of inequality is the basic principle of capitalism – the principle of ‘supply and demand’.

Differently to how some think about supply and demand - it has nothing to do with equality, and has nothing to do with equal labor. It has nothing to do with anything that is moral – in fact. What is the ‘dark side’ of supply and demand, and of what the term actually stands for is: “if you really need something – you will pay for it no matter what is the price”. That is the actual usage of the supply and demand principle in this world. It is the very truth of capitalism that makes child prostitution an acceptable thing. It is the principle that makes child labor ok. It is the principle that makes people pay for having access to water. It is the principle that makes it ok for people to work for 16 hours per day for money that makes it hard to even feed themselves (not mentioning their family). The fact that the supply and demand principle is not being questioned and doesn’t get reviewed and don’t cause people to come back to the ‘drawing board’ in working and researching a new approach proves that our politicians and the academic community of intellectuals is full of cowards who place self-interest above everything else. Because people that study those things, are able to see those relationships that are shaped and are at work in a capitalistic system. And should concentrate around researching a new system, because what we currently have is utterly unacceptable in every way. And it doesn’t require getting a degree to see that our current world system is fucked up, it only takes putting yourself in someone else’s shoes…

Furthermore capitalism turns life into gambling. Education currently is gambling – you have to bet on a good profession, or you might end up without being able to work in the area that you’ve studied. Opening your own business is gambling, you must invest, and you might win, or get into debt. Starting a family is gambling – you might loose your job, and how will you support your children without money? Having any kind of relationships with people is gambling – you never know who you can trust, and who will try to just use you for their own self-interest. Buying anything is gambling – you never know if the product you have just bought isn’t made to break down just few weeks after the guarantee, as products are made to break down fast to generate more sales. And that also go with buying anything from the very small, to the very big – it’s always a question if what you’ll buy won’t be overpriced, and made from crappy materials – just to get money from you. You can get robbed, attacked on the street, your car can be stolen etc. etc. – and the more you have, the bigger is the likelyhood something like this might happen to you. I’m not even going to mention all the types of scams that exist in this world in terms of people promising to sale someone something that will ‘help them’ apparently. Like all the ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, spiritual teachers that sell their books promising better health/life whatever else – which goes on like endlessly. And all of those are just a few ‘children of capitalism’. A system of deception, survival of the fittest (which in human terms means, survival of the most immoral), and a system of gambling and war - as wars are fought for resources and for money – and winning resources and money is the basic principle of capitalistic self-interest. And this self-interest is presented in capitalism as a ‘good thing’. It is in fact the ‘engine’ of capitalism, and it is perceived to be an incredible system, as it utilize the very self-interest of humanity to make things come about. But as far it makes things get done – it certainly have MASSIVE consequences, that are shoved under the carpet by the mainstream media and representatives.

What we need is to simply get down to the ‘drawing board’ and investigate how to create an equal and free world (as equality and freedom cannot exist without each other). It’s nothing ‘out of the ordinary’ it’s something that is suppressed by those who put self-interest above all, and is accepted to be suppressed by those who allow themselves to get suppressed by their fears and inhabitations as their back-chat. While in fact, there is nothing ideological or mysterious about it, it’s pure practical consideration. And that is what we’re working towards with, with Equal Money. Join us and stand up from the position of being a part of the problem to which position we all have been born into without any say in it as mere participants in a system of self-interest and ignorance, and become a part of the solution. Nobody is going to magically ‘lift us up’ from this mess if we don’t do it ourselves, and we can only establish a new system together.