Sunday, May 27, 2012

2012: Abuse is the foundation of capitalism

Abuse is a necessary part of capitalism. I write that, because I see people believing that it's just a 'terrible thing that happened', or 'bad luck' that someone is in a situation where they don't have the money to feed themselves, or that children have to work for 16 hours a day, or become prostitutes, or that war, or slave labour exists. And that belief is absolutely incorrect.

Capitalism is an unequal system, with masters and slaves. And the the freedom of some, is creating slaves. I mean if a person just live without doing any work -- who is doing all the work for him? It's simple, money buys labour, money buys resources. But did anyone ever considered, or remembered that land has never been assigned to anyone? Land as well as resources were not anyones property. You know how people got to possess land and property? (And that one is especially for all capitalists pacifists out there). Land and resources has been owned and possessed by people through VIOLENCE. Any kind of wealth and property in the form of land or resources that exists currently is in the hands of certain people/groups of people because at some point in the past it has been taken or defended through VIOLENCE. Capitalism in itself, has only changed this a bit (a bit, because war still exists in capitalism obviously -- as it's a system based on abuse, it's just that now the wars are deceptively presented like what is happening in Iraq or Afganistan). What has changed in capitalism, is that now, nobody needs to have 'blood on their hands' -- to kill someone or, to take away what they have. Now it's possible without even seeing who it is you're harming. You just get the benefits, without any guilt or worry. And all that is possible because of how money works in capitalism.

I mean -- who is responsible for starving people? We have around 7 billion people in the world, don't tell me that we cannot help those that aren't able to care for themselves. It would be enough to calculate how much food is needed, and for all the private companies producing food to produce the food needed, and for transportation companies to help transport the food. I mean there are certainly ways how countries could support that as well by lowering the taxation for such companies -- so that they could also get a benefit from helping those in need. I mean obviously it would cost, but if a big group would participate and organize themselves internationally, the costs wouldn't be that big -- and there are ways in the system to support that kind of activity to a certain degree.

The only problem here -- is that such actions in our system, doesn't create an incentive -- both for the countries, and for the companies and are simply perceived as a 'waste'. Why is that? Because capitalism is based on possession, and taking from another. So a gain only happens when one takes something away from another. It doesn't support cooperation and support between people just because they require help -- in capitalism people get together to profit together. Which is why organized crime thrives so much in our system. It simply works. And I mean -- what is the reason crime exists? It's because nothing is free, and you can buy almost anything with money (there is no responsibility involved in money, if you have money you can buy what you want) and obviously crime is a great business. And what is even more funny, crime is only crime because there are laws that call it crime. Banks, big corporations and politicians also participate in crime -- but since it's according to law, they aren't criminals.

I would call people making decisions to wage war against a weak country just for the sake of profit, a terrible crime. And that's absolutely immoral even to the commonly accepted definition of morality. But currently it's not often called war, even though they send an army that kills and bombs EVEN civilians (talking about good propaganda). And the soldiers that are pawns in this game, aren't called murderers (while they are just payed thugs that do the willing of those in power) but they are called heroes and are honored with all kinds of medals and awards for their actions (talking about good brainwashing).

But I mean, that's capitalism. That is our great economic system, where the master & slave relationship is called 'freedom'. As it carries a promise that one day maybe -- you will be the master, and will have slaves doing your dirty work, just because you have more money. And so it continues, and everyone tries to get just a little more money, to met their needs and to not get left out. Most people, are being just slaves for those with money -- yet they won't even realize that. It's so darn depressing to realize the chains that has bound you and will bind you to the rest of your life -- as well as they did your parents, and will bind your children. So it seems people don't even want to look at it. What's even worse, is that it's so 'not cool' to realize that you're also the part of the foodchain and you're abusing others through this system, and you also live out of slave labour.

I am only wondering -- how long will we live in this state of denial? How long will we accept this? I don't want to be a slave, and I don't want to have slaves. Currently I am part of this system and in this master & slave relationship whether I agree or not -- but I am responsible for it as well. And thus, I am suggesting for everyone that do realize that we're accepting this relationship, to take some time, and have a look, at how we're able to set up a system that would support everyone in a way that would consider all equally. I'm myself looking at the Equal Money solution. Because so far, that's the most reasonable solution presented that I've found.