Tuesday, July 24, 2012

2012: Illuminati and the New World Order

There has been a lot of information cycling around about the Illuminati and the New World Order. Some people even living of those ideas like David Icke or Jordan Maxwell. Many people thinking that they have found something extraordinary about how the world is ruled, and how the majority of people are getting screwed by a small group. And while it might be interesting for a while, to learn about those theories, even just for a sake of getting a new perspective, it definitively has turned into an absolute excuse and a blame game for those who are so much involved in constantly reading about conspiracy theories.

In other words -- only listening and looking for info about how we are apparently ruled by 'the big brother' and believing that we cannot do nothing about -- is not how the reality of it looks like even when really considering this perspective. Because it wouldn't be to surprising that how the world currently looks like has been deliberately constructed by a group of people that has took the responsibility to set up a system to work in particular ways. It is also not surprising that creation of such a system would take deliberate effort of a group of people that has took it upon them to put it into place.

It's actually the most probable thing that could have happened. Now the problem here within blaming the system, blaming politicians, illuminati, bankers and whoever else. Is that it's completely and entirely pointless. Because if you don't like the current order of things and how the system works -- then changing it requires the same procedure in which it has been set up. It requires a group of people working deliberately towards a system that they will put into place with an agreement of the majority of people. That is pretty darn simple, and it's an obvious way to change the way things are. And that started to happen with the group called Desteni that work on developing and implementing a new economic system -- called Equal Money based on educating and giving responsibility to the common man -- instead of having a hierarchical order where the population is separated into masters and slaves.